Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DIY Hanging Herb Garden

I've wanted a herb garden for a while, but just as I was going to start one we moved and then we moved again. So now that we are settled again I was determined to get it started.
After many pins on pinterest I decided just what I wanted.  See for the house prior we had a wall length sliding glass door, so I had bought a nice long cappuccino colored curtain rod and simple matching sconces to hang it. So of course I wanted to find a way to use the set in our new place, but the only windows we have that are the length of the wall are over my kitchen sink and I didn't really want curtains there.
However these windows get great morning sun, really they are well lit all day so I thought, how fun it would be if I hung my herbs here! I found plant terrariums on Amazon and bought waxed thread in the same cappuccino color.
I bought a few pre-planted herbs in good health, but small enough to get into the terrariums. But I also started a few from seed (and they are already sprouting! ) I water them by just spraying them with a squirt bottle every other day. It's really neat to see the roots growing.
This project was super easy and just brings so much life to my kitchen (literally! ) I must admit I did have my hubby hang the bar, just because he's sooooooo much better at it than me. ;)
I hope you enjoyed this project!
Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!
Stay safe, stay sane and stay absolutely splendid!
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