The story

About my blog...

I'm slightly obsessed with the idea behind Alice in Wonderland, mainly because I am and always have been, lost in my own little world. That's how this whole blogging thing got started. I finally realized that voice in my head, you know the one, he's got a deep manly voice like Sean Connery (when did God start to sound like Sean Connery), anyway he has been there narrating my life for as long as I can remember. He fades in after huge life changing events happen and I sit back to watch my life unravel before me. One day I woke up, to find I had fallen down the rabbit hole. When I crawled through the mouth of the little talking door knob I found myself in Domesticland and somehow I had two kids tagging along. As I journeyed along, I have ended up in my 4th marriage wondering how did I get here?

My Mom AKA The Queen of Hearts has always told me I was a strange kid, living in Ashleyland. Thus the name of my site came from the mash up that happened when I entered motherhood and my real name. Somewhere between my many friends telling me "You need to write a book about your life," numerous trips to my therapist and many a nervous breakdown or two, I decided blogging was the best solution. Not only does my story finally have a home, but others too can relate and maybe learn a lesson without having to personally go through it.

So I have started this blog to vent and to laugh at myself. Feel free to do the same in the comments. However, while you're here you may also find recipes, giveaways, reviews, DIY project ideas, products I like and lots of other useful/useless information about being a mom and wife. Have fun!

A little more about me...

Most day's you can find me boot scootin to some good el fashion George Straight, Josh Turner or Sugarland. Yes I own boots and a hat. No I do not have a horse. At least not one with 4 legs and a tail. I ride an iron horse AKA my street bike. (a hand me down from the Mad Hatter.) I'm not super fast but I can hang with the boys... kinda. And yes I wear my cowboy boots when I ride. I haven't ridden since I was pregnant with the youngest because I mean really who does that? But maybe one day, 18 years from now, you'll see me again riding the hills of Mulholland or hanging at The Rock Store. You'll now when I'm back, you can't miss me, I'm the one with the line of cars behind me and cowboy boots. ;) Sorry Jay Leno, I know how you like to cruise that spot in your awesome little hot rods. I'll try not to hold you up!

Back to the day to day life, oh who am I kidding. It's utter chaos! I'm telling you now 3 kids tip the scale. With 1 or 2 kids its like this... Oh I got this, it's not so bad. Third one comes along and you realize why EVERYONE with three (or more) kids say's your not REALLY a parent until you have 3. Please no disrespect for those of you with less than three, in fact I have the utmost respect for you because





And now I see why those with more than three have more.

Wait no I don't! What the heck is wrong with you people?!?!

You really love being a parent that much that you had more than three?
Obviously there is a question with your sanity because no one in a SANE mind say's

"Hey I love this constant chaos and having babies is has just reshapes my body so beautifully and our wallet has fair so greatly!

I'll have more!"

Don't get me wrong each of my three children has taught me so many beautiful life lesson and brought explainable joy into my life but sometimes I miss Wonderland.

Speaking of Wonderland, on the rare occasions I get to visit to that wonderful place in my head. I go straight to spending time lounging about in the warm sand down by the water. California has some pretty nice beaches and some decent lakes/rivers. But I can get down in the snow too, spending a few years in Colorado really spoiled me when it came to snowboarding, but we've got a few icy hills tops to carve here too. I love that my oldest has gotten into boarding too, I can't wait to teach the girls! We have so much fun going as a family. Really we enjoy all aspects of nature, we love heading out to Cal City, unloading the bikes and ripping through the dessert on our dirt bikes too.

When I head back to reality it's all chores and motherhood. But believe it or not I am also a very spiritual person but I'm not hear to push anything down people's throats. Everyone must choose for themselves, but along the way I may share points from my Bible readings that I thinking other may like to hear. That's it. I am a Jehovah's Witness but by choice but that doesn't mean I except you to be. So I don't swear and I'm not into all that dirty talk. However, I do tend be sarcastic and try to make others laugh. I'm bit a of loud mouth even if I really don't mean to be. If I could just figure out how that whole whispering thing works... But really, I wear my heart on my sleeve, try to find the good in everyone, would give the shirt off my back for a friend and I try to be kindhearted to all. And I very very very imperfect!

Last thing because I do talk about it, I am a chronic migraine sufferer, 13 years and counting... I share things that have helped me with that and my other long list of ailments! My husband say's I'm the 1% of mankind that if it can happen it will... to me.

I'm still growing up and learning how this thing called life works. So don't say I didn't worn you!

Start at the beginning and when you get to the end, stop! ~ The Mad Hatter

I am married to my prince charming, totally clique I know. We have been friends for over 15 years, through tons of crazy stuff in our lives, only to both end up single at the same time, me with two kids. So on 10/10/10 we tied the knot. He's crazy about me and always has been, he spoils me and takes care of me better then any man could. We have fun together, love teasing each other and make a pretty good team if I do say so myself.

Like I mentioned when we got married, I had already birthed 2 little wild animals, I mean children... Who are now The March Hare, 12 and The Dormouse, 5. The Mad Hatter loves babies and wants like a whole soccer team. I told him we'd start with 1, so we have added to the chaos with The Rose Bud, 2. As you can see, there is a pattern, all the people in my life are referred to as wonderland characters so if you ever get confused just check out my character list. And no my name isn't really Alice, it's Ashley, but to keep the theme of my blog going I write under the name Alice Kingsleigh.

So back to my story...
See the 10 years prior to my hubby stabilizing me, have been like living on tornado alley, every time I would start to rebuild I would get hit again.

I was raised in southern California, in a semi normal household, mom, dad and brother. In the younger years my dad slowly started following his own selfish ambitions while wanting my mom at home raising us with high spiritual moral standards. They stayed together but it was tough deciding which road to choose: follow my dad, who installed a love for motocross, partying and boys in me or my mom, who installed my love God, his righteous standards and hope for the future.

Well to say the least I didn't choose wisely. By age 17, yes just a year later, I got myself knocked up by a boy from school that wanted nothing to do with me after he found out I was pregnant.

After that, I tried to get back on the straight and narrow. I met a wonderful guy from Colorado, Bayard the Bloodhound. So my son and I moved to Colorado and we married when I was 19. Sadly, just before our first year anniversary he was killed in a car accident. I was devastated. Lost in la la land and alone. I felt like the whole world was against me and moved out into Colorado's wilderness, in a tiny little blink of an eye town, to be near my sister-in-law whom I adored.

That went bad real quick. The person I saw most often was the trash man, whom happen to be my sister-in-law's brother-in-law. Yes this is some backwoods crap, little wierd, I know. So my first husband's, sister's, husband's brother. I told you, weird. We got to talking, he got to know how much insurance money I was getting, I was weak and he was sweet (then) botta boom, botta bing I was married again by 21. That didn't go over well with anyone.

By 23 I couldn't take him anymore. So I left him and at that point was fed up with everything and everyone, including any sense of right and wrong. I just didn't care about anything any more, that's when things got even uglier. I turned to all kinds of vices and partied like it was 1999. I just wanted to experience all the "fun" I thought this world had to offer, which I discovered can get you into more trouble than it's worth. Especially after moving back to California to a colorful little place called Lancaster.

By 25 I was broke, addicted to alcohol and on a path leading no where good, dragging my poor kid with me. I was so desperate to have the life that I had started with Bayard back, that I was going through guys like water to find it. Only to be beaten up or left brokenhearted so many times. I was just a wreck. That's when I met husband number 3. You know that song by Carry Underwood "Cowboy Casanova" well I dedicate it to him. Nuff said.

However, before he left me for someone else, I had JUST (as in 2 weeks prior) given birth to my sweet little girl. So at 27, I moved back in with my parents with two kids. I was sleeping in their living room! I also decided to take a deeper look at the Bible itself and found that all those "rules" I once thought were to restrictive would have saved me from a lot of heart brake had I just listened. So I gave the straight and narrow another chance.

And that's where my hubby found me...


So there you have, my story up to now. Pretty crazy ride huh? But let's keep moving forward. I'm in good hands now and on a very good path. My hubby is a powerline men, which made it possible for me to be a stay at home mom and do the things I love most. So aside from learning the true meaning of motherhood and being a domesticated lady, here are few other things I like to do:

I love to cook!
I volunteer my time to help others learn about the Bible and all the amazing truths it holds.
I've discovered I love to write.
I'm a total computer geek. This whole blog (header and all) was designed by yours truly.
And as a family we are always going on adventures.

I hope you enjoy my blog!