Monday, December 31, 2012

My very last 2012 rant

Monday - 12.31.12

Ok so it's the last rant of the year! I have a total mom hissy fit right now, but the funny thing is my kids didn't do it, it was the Mother Oyster. It's not that she purposely did anything wrong it's just one of my biggest pet peeves is the dishes being done correctly. I am truly am starting to believe that it does takes rocket science to load the dishwasher! 
When my son does the dishes he KNOWS how to load the dishwasher or he does it again. He knows my knives, pots & pans and giant mixing bowls do not go in the dishwasher. I have a reason for everything I do. For instants knifes need to be hand washed because the hot water in the dishwasher loosens the handles. Pots & pans are hand washed because the hot air leaves rust spots. I'm not sure why there isn't a Dish Washing 101 class everyone is required to take but I might have to come up with the book!
So back to loading the dishwasher correctly. There is a rhyme and reason to how dishes MUST be put in the dishwasher, if they are not they don't get clean! In my dishwasher the sprayer comes up from the middle, so in order for the plates and other dishes on the bottom tray to get clean they must be loaded facing inward. Mother Oyster had them all facing out.
Then for the silverware, they sit in a create like thing towards the front of the bottom tray. All the silverware must be place in the create facing up. If you put them downward the food that gets caught in the bottom of the create and sticks to the silverware!
I know this is stupid stuff but honestly how hard is it to think to yourself "What is the best way for this to get cleaned?" The bad part is I lived with the Mother Oyster and she was just as bad at her own house! I love her and I am so appreciative of her wanting to help, I just wish she knew how to load a dishwasher.
The icing on the cake, which pretty much sparked me to want to rant about this in the first place was this. She left a sippy cup lid screwed on! Yes lid on cup in the dishwasher! Thats it I'm done. Dish Washing 101 anyone?
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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chicken & Broccoli Casserole Tutorial

Sunday - 12.30.12

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This is my hubby's favorite recipe from his mama. Of course I had to learn how to make it just like her, after two years I finally have it down pat! It's a very easy and yummy recipe. It can feed a huge group of people too if you double the ingredients.

Here's the recipe, but I also managed to take pictures as I made it! So here's a step by step on how to make it!

Start by cooking your chicken in the Crockpot for about 3 hours or until middle is white. Remove when thoroughly cooked and cut into 1/2 inch cubes. Place in a 9X9 baking dish.

Then cut up the broccoli into bite size pieces and place in the baking dish with the chicken.

On the side, while your cutting start the sauce. It should be creamy, if it's too think add more milk.

Pour it over the chicken and broccoli and mix it all together.

Cover in cheese!

Then cover with the bread crumbles.

Slices of butter go last. Then put it in the oven and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

Remove and enjoy!

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 24 - Bun in the Oven

Saturday - 12.29.12

Officially 6 months today!!!

Development: She's been busy growing this week, it's said she gain 4 whole ounces! That puts her at a little over a pound. She's about as long an ear of corn which is about a foot long.

Movement: Well let me put it this way, we went to the hospital, had an ultrasound done and my husband is now convinced she's really going to be a soccer player. She was kicking me in the cervix over and over again! Movement is an understatement!

Weight Gain: I feel like I'm not gaining enough, which probably sound crazy. But last visit I only gain 3 pounds and I can tell I haven't gain anything since then. I have always had tiny baby bellies, but I guess I was just thinking I would be a lot bigger this time since I started off weighing more then I did before.

Maternity Clothes: I've discovered how wonderful lose fitting, flowy dresses are! I'm more of a blue jeans kinda of girl but comfort hows out weighed looks and dresses are amazing right now!

Best moment of my week: Just having my hubby home most of the week and knowing I get him for 6 whole days next week. I just adore him, he takes such good care of me.

Worst moment: Having to go to the hospital at 3 in the morning because I'm having contractions. Thanks goodness there is no other signs of labor. Every thing else is good. I can handle being in the pain as long as I know it's not causing my little girl to come early.

Sleep: I tell you what now that I've gotten use to sleeping on one side the whole night with my body pillow, sleep has been a lot more peaceful.

Miss Anything: It hasn't changed, just being active. I'm one of those nonstop moms, always busy, doing things with my kids, hubby and friends. But I've been stuck in the house and barely able to move. So I'll be happy to get back to a normal life.

Food Cravings: SWEETS! Oh goodness me, I already had a bad sweet tooth, but dang it's gotten worse!

Gender: With all this estrogen, I have no doubt that not only is she a girl, but she's gonna be a girly girl!

Symptoms: Contractions!

Labor Signs: Just the contractions, but like I mentioned before no other signs. So were still safe.

Belly Button: Hasn't changed much from last week.

Mood: Yes! A little emotional, maybe just the thought of going into labor so early had my nerve a little fried. Slightly cranky too.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday's Fave #12

Friday - 12.28.12 

Wow I woke up in a very good mood this morning! I'm so late at getting this post up though! Every week I read through what feels like thousands of blog post. And every week I'm adding new blogs to that list. So choosing my favorites of the week is not always an easy task. But just so everyone knows no one pays me to pick them, I don't except bribes or anything like that. I just think there are some great writers out there and I think they should have a moment of fame.

So let's start with the usual stuff, Tuesday's Tea Party is really starting to take off thanks to all my wonderful co-hostess!  I'm finally getting co-host set up for weeks out now. Who know it would grow so quickly. Thanks every one for making this blog hop a kicking party! Of course if you would like to sign-up to co-host the blog hop, I would love to have you. I am going to be changing the layout of it just a little bit as I've gotten some great ideas from other hops to give my co-host more exposure. The ad space giveaway will still be going on the hop, and co-host get free links on the rafflecopter for that. So watch out  this next Tuesday for the new layout!

The giveaway for the social media icon ends Monday, Dec 31, so if you need to jazz up your blog swing on over for that. If you really want a jazzy new blog head over to my design site Bombshells Designs to get the scoop on what I can do for you!

So now on with the show!

This is one funny father. Sometimes as moms we think we run the show when it comes to our kids, but it's nice to see a dad who steps up big. I love following his Facebook feed, it never fails I will be cracking up. Fodder 4 fathers is sure to make you laugh and keep you entertained.

Island Livin

Lair, lair. Pants on fire.
by Island Livin' with One Haole Girl

This is Island Livin' and boy does she have a vent any blogger that does giveaways can relate to! When we do giveaways it takes a lot of work to coordinate other blogger to promote, write the blog post codes, take pictures, set up the Rafflecopter and the countless hours that go into all of well, you get the point. So when we set up these giveaway we expect the people who enter them to do what they said they did in order to receive that entry. Nothing is more irritating then picking a winner only to find out they didn't actually like all the Facebook pages or post to twitter about the giveaway, whatever it is they SAID they did. Anyway I wont rant too, she did a good enough job for all blogger! Thank you dear for getting this in the opn, it need to be heard by all those that enter giveaways!
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WW: Suprise!

Wednesday - 12.26.12

Ok so before I go wordless for this one let me explain whats going on here. My hubby works for the power company, he worked 4 years as an apprentice and in April of this year he graduated to linemen. So I threw him a surprise graduation party. He had no idea what I was up to, he work during the day of the party. I had to beg not to stay for the overtime work they had and to come home. Then he was upset because nothing was working, I had logged our camera system off, unplug the garage and told him we needed ice because the ice marker was broken. Poor guy thought the house was falling apart but when he walked in the front door to everyone yelling surprise that quickly melted away!

His family

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tuesday Tea Party #7

Tuesday - 12.25.12

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