When you read any of my posts or blogs you will always see my family members and close friends referred to as characters from "Alice in Wonderland" to safeguard their identities and save them from too much humiliation. If you are curious who I'm referring too here is a list of the characters in my life:

You already know me, I'm Alice Kingsleigh.

Those that dwell in me casa are:
Mad Hatter - My Hubby
March Hare = My 12 year old Son
Dormouse = My 4 year old Daughter
Rosebud = My 1 year old Daughter

The one's I share bloodlines with...
Queen of Hearts = My Mommy
King of Hearts = My Daddy
Knave of Hearts = My Little Brother
Caterpillar = My Papa (Mom's side, no longer with us)
Mother Oyster = My Grandma (Mom's side)
The White King = My Grandpa (Dad's side)
The White Queen = My Grandma (Dad's side, no longer with us)
Twiddle Mom & Twiddle Dad = My Mother & Father In Law
The Cook & Bill the Lizard = My Husband's Sister & Her Husband
The Rocking Horse Fly = My Newphew
Playing cards = Aunts, uncles, cousins and other family

Friends and everyone else...
The White Rabbit= My long time best friend (who's never on time)
Cheshire Cat = A friend who is in my life at the perfect time and place.

Bayard the Bloodhound = My 1st (late) husband
Bandersnatch = My 2nd husband
Jabberywocky = My 3rd husband

Mome Raths = Other kids in my life; my friends kids, my kids friends etc.
Singing Flowers = My other wonderful friends!

Characters will be added as I have the need to relate their moments of fame.