Friday, June 29, 2012

Recover Bar Stools

These are my cheap $50 Craigslist bar stools. My children destroyed the fabric on them, I went to Joann's got some cheap pleather and recovered them. It only took me all together about 3 hours, however if the stupid staple gun hadn't jammed up those 3 hours would have been all in 1 day! Remarkably I remember to capture step by step how easy it really is to do.

Fabric and children don't get along!

They started off like this.
Now they look like this!

What you will need:
Power cord, scissors, needle-nose pliers, staple gun, staples,
screw driver or gun, hammer, and sharpie.

Lay chair on side.

Unscrew all screws holding seat to the frame.

Set frame aside

and seat in front of you.

Use pliers to remove staples.
Be careful not to tear lining to much.

Set lining aside.

Remove remaining staples.

Pull fabric from board and padding,
leave padding attached to board and set aside.

Use old fabric as a pattern for the new fabric.

Cut new fabric a little bigger than the old.

Place the fabric face down (the side you want to see),
then place padding and board on fabric.

Fold up fabric on front and back sides.
Hold slightly snug and put one staple in each side.

Along one side put a row of staple.
Keeping the fabric slightly pulled.

Then do the same along the other side,
while pulling more firmly.

Fold fabric over the other two sides.
Hold slightly snug and put one staple in each side.
The just as before staple along one side, while pulling.
And then the other side, pulling even more.

Cut off access fabric.
Not too short around the corners.

To do the corners, fold down and pull.
You only want 2 fold lines so it should look like a rectangle.

Put one staple in to hold it in place.
Make sure you pulling it firmly.

Add a few more staples to each corner.

Ready for lining to be replaced.

Place one staple in each corner of lining.
Smoothing lining out and holding firm.

Staple along each side.
Remember to pound in any staples
not in all the way.

Hold the seat firmly against the
frame and replace screws.

There you have it!

Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!

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