Sunday, July 7, 2013

Japanese Sunset


 This is a little more difficult design to do on yourself, but if you have a steady hand it can be done. It also looks messy but I will give you a tip on how to get the excess paint off your cuticles.

What you need:

 Bright yellow, orange, and pink. Also, fine brush colors in black and white. For application you will need a make-up sponge and I like to use a newspaper ad to drip my colors on, particularly the thinker, slick ads because the color doesn't bleed through. And to get the excess color off the cuticle you will need cuticle oil and a nail scrub brush.

Bright orange, yellow and pink. And fine brush colors in black and white.

What to do: 

Pick a color to start with and pour some on the ad.

Take the corner of the sponge and dip into color.

Dab some on a part of the nail.

Do to all the nails, mixing up which portion you paint.

pick another color and pour on ad.

Dab that color on another portion of the nail.

Do the rest of the nails, again mixing up where you put it.

pour last color on ad.
fill in empty spot

fill in empty space on each nail.
Then add random spots and lines.

Do on all nails, mixing up each pattern.

End result

To get the  excess off the cuticle. Wait about 5 to 10 minutes after painting, add cuticle oil and rub in. Continue adding until cuticle is very soft. I usually wait till the next day and take the scrub brush to the soften cuticles. Paint comes right off.

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