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But she's ready for school now!

Monday - 1.6.2013

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This is my four year old daughter aka the Dormouse. She's cutting (on the line) up a puzzle from an activity book so she can put it together. Oh and she took it out herself and asked me for the scissors, I might add.

She can count to 50 pretty fluently. Can identify her letters, is starting to sound words out, can write and spell. I'm not writing this post to boast about how smart my child is, because lets face if you have a child, THAT child is the smartest child to ever live, EVER!

No, the real reason for the post is to vent my frustration with the California school district. I've been told it has nothing to do with their being ready for kindergarten, but that it has to do with boys. That by middle school boys who got in early are awkward and not socially ready for the stuff going on in middle school.

See our school district has decided to bump up the cut off date to Sept 1st from Dec 15th or whatever it was. Meaning kids have to be 5 by that date or they can't start school. My daughters bday is Sept 30th. She misses this cut off date by 29 days! Which means she won't start school until she is 6 and will have to go to preschool for another year. She's been in preschool for 2 years already because she was already bored at home. So next year she will be doing the same thing she did this year and will be even more incredibly BORED!

I also found out that kindergarten testing was banned in my area to make matter worse.

There are Jr. K programs here but I was told by her preschool teacher and others, that they are more for children with special needs rather then accelerated children. Meaning what they will be teaching stuff she already knows. What I'm getting at is she's ready for kindergarten now and I don't know what to do.

I have my son on a waiting list for a charter school that goes K - 8, I'm hoping he gets in because it gives her a guarantee of getting in the next year, if all else fails. I did find out there is an awesome preschool right down the street from the charter school. However all of this means I will be driving a half hour each way to drop off and pick up my kids. Right now my son walks to school and my daughters school is around the corner. The things we do for our kids...

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  1. Do you stay home with her? If so I would just keep increasing her knowledge and teaching her yourself, she will appreciate it a lot when she gets older!! Maybe they will bump her up a few grades later on...

    1. Yes I am home and you better believe we practice at home, I practically have her reading already. I have a feeling that's what they will do, the charter school already told me if when she gets into kindergarten, she's too far ahead they will bump her to first, so we got that going for us. Now I'm just praying my son ggets in! Thanks for the comment.