Friday, April 17, 2015

Crack for kids... hard to break addictions

"My fif"

"What are you saying?"

"My fif..."

"I don't understand you hunny."

"My fif!"

"Use your big girl words."

"My fif, my fif, my fif!!!!

This conversation is an all to familiar one in any home where a 2 year old inhabits.  The Fish. A toasty cheddar cheese cracker that resembles the shape of a cute little gold fish, with a catchy commercial jingle and innocent smile. But dont let that stuff fool ya! These little wave makers are up to no good with their addictive properties worse that crack! (Not that I've ever tried crack but I did live in the AV and that's almost the same)

From the moment those crusty little eyes peel open in the morning to the moment they get heavy at night, this kid has one thing on her mind...

How do I get more FISH!

Should I be worried about my daughters addiction?  Is there a 12 step fish recovery system? Fish rehab? Is this a lead way cracker? Will she become addicted to other more problematic crackers?

Animal cookies?
Teddy Grams?
Nutter butters!

The problem lies in that if I allow her to snack on them at all during the day, she won't eat lunch or dinner. We're a " eat what's in front of you or don't eat " kinda family. I don't mind a little snacking especially if it's healthy, but do these smiling little bottom dwellers even count as a healthy?

It's so hard to know now a days. Brands that advertise healthy foods for kids are usually loaded with crap and brands that have been around forever haven't killed us yet.  I mean I have gotten the annual report for "death by goldfish" or done research on goldfish causing worms but I still wonder how an addictive little cracker can be good for my kids.

They say sugar has the same effect on the brain as crack, which is the usual corporate in junk food but there is only 1 gram in the fish. Is it the salt? The dehydrated onion? There are a few questionable ingredient names I had to look up but I didn't see much research on those them. I'm I missing something?  Why is my child so obsessed with these slippery saltines?

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