Friday, July 4, 2014

I juice... What?!?!?

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If you knew me as a teenager you would laugh knowing I juice now. I was and still kind of am a eating anything kinda gal. I love me a big juicy burger and spaghetti without meatballs is a sin, oh and don't get me started on bacon! But.........

As some of you know I suffer from migraines and depression. And 2 out of three of my kids have ADD/ADHD (so far). So I decided to do a little research AKA reading "The Juicing Bible" and everything I found said eat more veggies. Now I'm by no means against veggies, I could eat me some asparagus with garlic salt all day long, but getting the amount of veggies you need to actually effect the issues is a whole other story.

So juicing helps address that issue. For example tonight I made this master piece.

That's 2 pounds of spinach, 3 beets with stems, 2 apples, 2 cucumbers, 1 yellow squash, 6 oz of blueberries and 1 pound of baby carrots. Oh and those 2 lemons in the background, but I used my citrus juicer to juice those. That's 4 day's worth of juice. 

How do I make it palatable? So glad you asked. Frozen organic fruit! I buy frozen strawberries and frozen pineapples at Costco and blend them in my Vitamix.

I add about a cup of my juice to this other wise you just make very thick strawberry and pineapple ice cream. So it comes out looking like this:

Because it is still pretty thick and the bottles I use have a small opening, I funnel the smoothies mix into my bottles, filling it up about a third of the way.

Then I add my juice on top. I use this drink dispenser because it perfectly fits inside the open of the bottles. 

I also add 3 tsb of Flax Seed Oil and shake it all up. And there you have it, 4 day's worth of 18 oz of healthy breakfast in about 45 minutes worth of work.

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  1. That looks awesome! So you can't taste the veggies at all? I hate the taste of most of the vegetables you mentioned.

    1. Nope, the fruits cover the taste! It's awesome!