Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mommy's must have these 10 things in their cars....

Today is the third day this week I have been unable to convince myself to wake up earlier enough to shower and put a full face of make up on. Then it dawned on me I have everything I need in my car (aka the bus, aka Kat the cool mom SUV) to make it look like I functionally got out of bed, got dressed, put make up on, brought the kids to school and carried on with my day responsibly. Here I am this morning after applying the following must have's while in my car....

1. Wipes Make-up remover
I have actually just used my babies wipes but they do sell such a thing as make-up remover wipes. I have these wonderful cucumber smelling ones that leave my face feeling refreshed and moisturizing. And you would never know I haven't showered in three days! (P.S. I'd like to know a mother of three that showers everyday...)

2. Eye Shadow
Have a neutral colored eye shadow combo, like white, nude, tan and grey with an applicator. Something that will match everything.

3. Black Eye Liner
I buy two of my favorite eye liner, one for the car and one for the house. I like liquid which isn't always easy to apply at a red light but gives a much more precise line. Don't be cheap buy two!

4. Mascara
This is a no brainier. I have like 5 of my favorite mascara... just in case. One in the car, the bathroom, my purse, my hubbies truck and in the night stand. (you never know when you'll need it!)

5. Lip tint
Don't get me wrong I love me some dark blood red lipstick but when you have done your face in a barely there make up look that's not exactly the lip color you want to slap on, so having a tinted lip balm of some sort helps to round out the look. As far as make-up goes though, that's it, just the basic's. With three kids I've given up on much more than that and I'm trying to let my skin have a breather and age gracefully. (Ugh those word coming off my figure tips make me want to gag, but I'm already sick of covering up the inevitable... wrinkles, laugh lines and age spots).

6. Hairbrush
Even though I have short hair it still needs to be brushed once in a while, so I make sure I have a small brush in my car, which lead me to my next point.

7. Bobby pins and/or Rubber bands
I have both. With short hair I can only use bobby pins. But since I'm Italian and my hair gets greasey in like an hour I have to pin it back for it to look the slightest bit professional, otherwise you'll see me in a baseball cap. My girls on the other hand have long hair that always looks like they just emerged from an ally somewhere. So on those days where we are literately racing to beat the school bell (which is most days) I brush their hair and throw it in a pony when we get to school or where ever we're going.

8. Hairspray
I go to Target, buy one of the travel size hair sprays and throw it in my center console. When I need it, it's there.

9. Deodorant
Again I go to Target buy the travel size. I can not tell you how many times I have ran out of the house first thing in the morning and forgot to put this on. Having it in the car solves my forgetful mom brain, that is once I am completely awake and realize how God awful I smell.

10. Lastly... body spray. As we already know I stink and need something that smells good to cover up my I ran out of the house after making 5 lunches, getting 3 kids dress and dressing myself semi presentable (do yogo pants count?), non-showered, half awake stench.

I hope you enjoyed the reality of making it to school and beyond on time, brought to you by this mother of three, always in a hurry and never on time mom! May you always keep your car mommy friendly and stocked with easy to look presentable in a bind goods. ;)

Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!
Stay safe, stay sane and stay absolutely splendid!

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