Monday, November 3, 2014

My attempt at cake pops... more like balls!

The other day, my sons school had a science fair and I signed up to make goodies for the bake sale. Why??? I'm not entirely sure because baking is not one of my strong points, but I wanted to contribute. Of course I was the farthest thing from being a good prepared mom. I procrastinated until suddenly the fair was but hours away. Panic set in because I really had nothing planned. I run around the kitchen like a chicken with my head cut off trying to figure out what I had and what I could make with it!

I found a package of white cake mix, chocolate cake mix and exactly 6 eggs; I think to myself "I can do something with this!" I frantically rip apart every cabinet in my kitchen looking for cupcake wrappers to no avail. As for frosting I figured I'd look up how to make it on Pinterest but was running short on time and patience. So thinking fast I thought cake pops!

I Pinterested (is that a word?) cake pops and got the basics of how they are made. Well again I had no frosting, which just so happens to be a key part to the formation. So I frantically searched my cabinets until I found pudding, sprinkles and powdered sugar...  I can make something work with this... right?

So here goes nothing!!! I figured if they turned out horrible I'd just grab something at the store but really how could I go wrong with cake and pudding?!?! Get the print easy recipe here, otherwise here's the long version of the directions:

First you bake the cake according to the package. While that's baking, prepare the pudding according to it's package. Refrigerate the pudding. When the cake is done, pull it out and take it out of the pan to cool. Once it's cooled enough (I recommend letting it cool completely so it doesn't burn your hands, not that it happened to me or anything!) you crumble it all up, like below.

After you have cake crumbles add the pudding and mush it with you hands. It should have the consistency of mashed potato. As I found out with my chocolate batch if you add too much pudding you get mushy blobs instead of nice round firm balls. 

Before you start mushing though be sure to have your powdered sugar ready. I added the sprinkles to it so it was a one roll job. Back to the mushy cake... start rolling pieces into about 1 inch balls with your hands, then roll them in the powder sugar mixture and place them on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. After they are all rolled, place the sheet in the refrigerator so the balls firm up a bit and there you have it. I got about 36 balls with this recipe and the kids love them.

In fact my son said even though the chocolate ones ended up being mushy blobs he liked them best! My daughters and I loved the white cake ones aka the green balls!

I wrapped 3 balls together in plastic wrap, threw a card with my branding on them and off to the science fair we went without a minute to spare. Seriously though, for whipping these up on a whim and in only 2 1/2 hours I think they came out pretty darn good. Even if the chocolate ones did look like poo covered in rainbow sprinkles! Obviously I'm not one of those mom's that has time to teach you how to make perfect fondant cover cake pops but if you need an easy, tasty alternative, here you are!

Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!
Stay safe, stay sane and stay absolutely splendid!

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