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Do pregnancy hormones cause nightmares?

Monday - 10.15.12

 Do pregnancy hormones cause nightmares?

I know this is an odd question but has anyone else experienced this? Now I have very strange vivid dream regularly anyway and of course I always remember every little detail. My husband and mother are always telling me "You and your crazy dreams!" The last vivid dream I had was of my cousin and I doing a three legged race at Disneyland and my grandfather (who's been dead for ten years) waiting in line to get on a ride, I stopped and starred at him for a minute and then finally said "Aren't you dead?" as I skipped off with my cousin. I woke up laughing from that dream so confused and yet oddly excited to go to Disneyland with my cousin.

However, when I was pregnant with my daughter I had a horrible nightmare that my son who was 7 at the time was killed right in front of me.  I woke up crying and had to go check on him. I didn't think it had anything to do with being pregnant at the time, but here I am 13 weeks pregnant again and the nightmares are back at it. On a normal basis I do have vivid dreams, yes, but not nightmares about bad things happening to my kids. I have dumb nightmares about spiders, clowns and things happening to me, but not my kids.

So why is it only when I pregnant do I have nightmares about terrible things happening to my kids? Last night I woke sobbing hysterically and ran to check on my baby girl. I wont go into detail as it was pretty horrific but I had a very vivid dream that I walked in on the aftermath of my 3 year old little girl having been violated (to put it nicely). To make matters worse in my own natural fiery to someone hurting my baby, I found the perv and cut off his manhood. Pretty horrible right? It still has me all shook up.

This is not a very fun or upbeat moment for mommy I know, but I have to hear from other moms. Has this happened to you?  When your pregnant does it bring on nightmares? Please share!


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