Wednesday, September 3, 2014

5 Fun Facts About Showering With A Toddler

Oh toddlers... the fun and unexpected things you can only know if you have or have had one. I have a 17 month old little girl who is just a joy and even though she's my third, I still learn so much from her! One of her favorite things to do is shower! She hates taking a bath! But the shower... oh how she loves it! She tries to get in fully dressed even if the water isn't on. We have a walk in shower with sliding doors and she has just about mastered getting the doors open. Anyway every time my hubby or I are getting in, she runs to the door and tries to get in with us. Of course she discovered "it" so she can no longer shower with my hubby.

But with me, my kids seem to have no problem when I'm naked. My 5 year daughter still showers with me and 12 year son sees no reason why he can't talk to me face to face while I'm sitting on the toilet. I guess my kids being comfortable with nakedness is a good thing, a little weird for mom, but oh well.

Ok, I got way off track. So this morning I'm about to jump in the shower, the baby hears the shower turn on and comes running with big smiles. I didn't have the heart to throw her in her playpen while I showered alone, so I undress her and let her in with me. And this is the conclusion I have come to:

Buy it on Amazon now!1. I need to shave with those colored bath soaps. While I was shaving she was having a blast grabbing the clean shaving cream off my legs and rubbing it on herself and the walls. But white is not near as fun as colors would be!

2. Everything is a toy. Even though she showers more than she bathes, we don't keep toys in the shower just for the sake of room, just a cup. So she tries to play with whatever she can reach, bottles of shampoo, lofas and bars of soap!

3. All I can say is waterfalls are not always a great places to play. She thinks the water that runs down my legs is just for her so she's constantly sticking her little figures up my thighs and in my crotch.  She especially likes to put the cup up there. I'm desperately trying to break her of playing in this little, uncomfortable (for me) waterfall!

4. Expect them to pick up weird noises. As I rinse the soap off my face, I take a deep breath and then stick my face in the water to rinse and release the air. Well this results in a funny spitting noise that I never realized was produced until I heard her mimicking the noise. Now washing my face will always make me smile as I think about my little parrot.

5. Wash them last! As I watched her play in the water and suds, it dawned on me how dirty that water is. But she's having so much fun and at least she doesn't try to drink it. So my theory is wash them last so they are at least clean when they get out.

It's such a special feeling when you wrap them in a towel and get a sweet little clean snuggle from them! Remember to stay safe in the shower but make it fun, they are only toddlers once!

Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!
Stay safe, stay sane and stay absolutely splendid!

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