Saturday, September 6, 2014

How to tell if someone "Liked" your Facebook page

As a blogger who does giveaways it's very important for me to know if someone "Liked" my Facebook page as this is usually a source of entry into my giveaways. Sadly people lie, they say the liked your page or shared your post just to get the entry but upon verification I find out they didn't. But for the longest time I didn't know an easy way to do this, until now. After some time of Goggling it I found out a little Facebook secret! Why can't Facebook just make it easy! Well they don't, so I'm sharing!

Below is an actual snapshot of my Facebook page.

1. Go to "Settings"
2. Go to "Banned Users" (The red arrow on the left)
3. Go to pull down menu and select "People Who Liked This" (The red arrow on the right)

This will bring up all the people that have liked your page in order of when they liked it. This is a very handy tool in verifying entries. If need be, you can ask people if they know how long they have been following you and go to that time frame. If they run and like you right then, you'll be able to see!

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  1. Here's an even easier way......on the FB search bar just type in "People named ______ who like (name of your blog".....example: if you put in "People named Gigi who like Adventures into Domesticland", me and another gigi pops up....and next to their name is a partial list of their "likes" with your blog being the first one! Ta Da!!!

    1. Hey sweet little trick you got there! Thanks for that!

    2. Wow thanks! I had no idea how to do this and I was actually wondering. I'll look into my page's setting's for sure!