Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Love nails

Heres my version of LOVE nails I saw on Pintrest. They are super fun and flirty and they weren't to hard to do. Although i will admit doing the letters with my left hand was a little more tricky.

Pinterest Idea

So basically you start by painting your pointer finger black and the other fingers pink. Let them dry. Drip some black nail polish on a newspaper ad, take a toothpick or a polka dot tool and dot thumb & pinky nail. I just did half the nail to be funky. Then repeat with the pink nail polish on the pointer finger.

Now for the LOVE part! First paint the outline, by taking a thin brushed black nail polish and painting a half heart on the middle finger and the other half on the ring finger. Fill in each of the heart sides with a light pink or white nail polish. Let them dry before doing the lettering. To do the lettering use the thin brush again. Paint LO on the middle finger and VE on the ring finger. Let all of it dry before applying a generous amount of topcoat. If you don't let it dry you get streaking like I did!

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