Thursday, June 6, 2013

Remodel Update

Thursday - 6.6.2013

So the latest on the remodel... Well I don't think I will ever have the desire to remodel a home again after this! We picked the tile for the bathroom and last night my dad & hubby went to configure it.... Its the wrong stuff! The tile store gave us the wrong stuff, so today I had to go and fight with them to get the right stuff. I... Want... To... Cry!

The good news is we are almost done with everything, we will probably be able to move into the house in about a month and a half. This week my dad is working on the bathroom, us girls (my mom and I) are working on finishing up all the painting and my brother is finishing molding. The floor tile will be ready to be picked up Friday. Next week the kitchen cabinets go in and the carpet too. Then we have to have get the granite fabricator to come out and get the dimensions for the granite counter tops in the kitchen.

My hubby and I still need to pick out tile for the decorative boarder for the entryway and border of the kitchen, the backslash in the kitchen and the fireplace. Did I mention my dad and my father-in-law are both tile men and my hubby formerly did tile, so that's why there is some much tile going in.  Never the less it's a lot of work! I'm mentally exhausted just from picking out so many things! I go over there almost everyday and paint. Every single room had to be repainted!

If your just joining me and wondering what in the world I'm talking about, here's the scoop. My parents house of 20+ years completely flooded, a pipe burst. It had to be totally gutted. Well, since my parents are splitting up after 30 years, they are selling the house to my hubby and I. I lived in this house for 15 years of my childhood and all three of my kids will have lived a part or all of the first year of their life in this house.

Below are some pictures of what's been happening and what we've picked out.

This is the debris from knocking down the wall between the dining room and kitchen.

Now it's the kitchen so going to be much bigger!

My daughters will have a very pink room!

That's me taking a break from painting my son's very bright green and blue room!

This tile for the bathroom. That basket-weave will be the floor tile. The 6X6 travertine will be the wyanes coat, the liner will be those dark brown 1X1's with the pencil liners on top and bottom.     

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  1. It's coming along. I can't wait to see it's progress. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the basket weave tile. Might be something to look into for our house. Reading all the stuff you're doing, I almost dread when it's our time to finish up the interior of our house!

    1. Now if only the tile store could get us the right stuff! Hole Moly remodeling is tiring! Hope it goes good for you!