Saturday, April 6, 2013

38 Weeks - Bun still in the oven

Saturday - 4.6.2013

Development: She weighs about 6.8 pounds and she's over 19 1/2 inches long, like a leek.

Movement: Every move she makes now puts pressure on my pelvic and hurts so bad. Shes as wiggly as ever though despite the lack of room. Oh mommy you dont need your spleen right? I'll just kick it.

Weight Gain: Still just smuggling a basketball weighing in at 13 pounds.

Worst Moment: False labor! Went to the hospital Monday with constant contractions every 5 minutes for 10 hours, just to find out I'm only dilated to 1! Drug me up and send me on my way.

Sleep: Yes please! With the contractions just coming whenever they please, I get woken up a lot. Falling asleep is already a problem for me so, you can put 2 n 2 together.

Miss Anything: High heels! I haven't been able to wear my cute heels in so long, it will be like a whole new shoe wardrobe when I get to wear them again.

Food Cravings: Last coiple of days I've had no appetite, not sure what thats all about.

Labor Signs: You would think being my third kid I could tell the difference between real and false labor. But yea so far nothing, I'm trying all I can to naturally induce labor at this point.

Mood: Done!

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  1. It's got to be soon. Just relax and enjoy the last few days, you won't get a chance to relax for a while once the baby comes.

  2. Hey Alice! I believe this is my first time reading your blog. You're following me but I wasnt following you. I am now tho. When are you due? Sorry for the false labor. Sounds like she's a busy one. Heck my cousin wore stilettos til the day she had her lil' boy. I'm sure she would've worn them while having him if they would've let her. weird huh?

  3. I'm actually glad I found your blog. Because after reading your About me I see that you and I are much alive. Esp due to what you've been thru. and all. So I'm happy that I found your blog and know that someone out there can relate with me on several things. I look forward to reading more of your blog.