Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bombshell Brownie Co.

I'm so thrilled to write this review. My very dear friend, of many years was so excited to tell me all about her the new business she was starting up over dinner one night. I hadn't seen her in years but we picked up right where we left off. I was equally as excited to tell her all about the blog I started and that I would love to write a review for her. So when she came down for my baby shower, she brought an array of goodies with her. I expected nothing but wonderful things for this dear friend. She's always been a very strong, beautiful and determined kinda gal, but this time she just simply blew me away!

So what is it she does? Brownies, but this ain't your run of the mill, box mix. Oh no, not even close! These a gourmet! The name of her company is Bombshell Brownie Co. and yes, you can order online, so these tasty little treats can be shipped right to your door!

Why are her brownies special? Well, rather than use fake or artificial ingredients, she uses real fruit infused oils that add just the right flavors. Not to mention fresh raspberries, blueberries, bananas and oranges! She believes that even those allergic to wheat and gluten should be able to enjoy a brownie from time to time and offers many of the flavors in a gluten free option! Each of her brownies are fresh baked, sealed within their own personal mason jar, have a 6 month shelve life and take 15 seconds heat. They can be order in bulk for events like weddings and showers, with matching the raffia ribbon to your event colors.

I got to sample 7 different flavors, below are my feelings on each. There are many more flavors I intend to try and like I mention even a gluten free line. I loved these brownies so much, I may never be able to purchase a box brand again. What a curse! That's why I had to place a order and I'm so thankful she only a few hours north of me because shipping should be swift! I'm now officially brownie spoiled. Do you think I'll get brownie points for writing this review? Cheesy I know. Follow her on Facebook for new flavor releases and events she will be at!

The Original
No box mix brownie can even come close in comparison! This brownie is thick, moist and chocolaty. Even my husband like them, who’s not a sweets person. The perfect brownie!

Blood Orange
I could smell the orange before I even took a bite! However, the taste is not overwhelming, it’s just enough of orange. The hazelnut is subtle, but gives it a good nutty finish.

Cookies N Crème
This is my favorite! I'm already a love of the flavor in general, so I was very pleased that it lived up to my expectations. It has a balanced amount of cookies to brownie.

Wild Blueberry
This one had fantastic taste for a muffin, I didn't really think brownie, but it really opens the door for other possibilities in what she can do. I could see eating one of these in the morning for breakfast. The blueberry taste was exactly right.    

Coconut is one of those foods you either love or hate, I happen to be a hater. However, if you love it, than you will love this one with big chunks of coconut. And the German chocolate part, oh, it's right on the money! It taste like the real thing! 

Stout Beer
Again I think more muffin than brownie with this one. But I could smell the stout more than I tasted it, but the flavor is just right. With big chunks of chocolate to melt with every bite. I could see serving this one as a BBQ dessert.

Sweet and Spicy
Now this one was my son’s favorite. It’s totally true to its name! Has a sweet start and a spicy finish. A little too spicy for me, but the two paired with chocolate make for perfect match.

Want to try these amazing melt in your mouth brownies? Well make sure to stay tuned, I will be hosting a giveaway where 3 winners will each get to pick 3 flavors to savior! Don't feel like waiting? Order today! 

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