Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday's Fave #22 & FTSF

Friday - 4.19.2013

It's taken me all day to write this post! As you can see I'm setting it up a little different, from now on I'm going to pick 3 - 5 post that I read to feature.

So what happen this last week, hmmm let me think. Oh how about SHE'S HERE! My little Rosebud is already a week old, hard to believe. Tomorrow I'll be posting about our big birth story! She's just an adorable bundle of joy. We have such a great support system around us. Our wonderful friends arranged dinners for us every night this week. We've been more popular than we were as teenagers.

I'm trying my hardest to prepare myself for our regular routines, as I been out of it for so long because I had such a hard time moving around. Now that I have my body and energy back, I want to get back into pre planning my dinners for the week and have a blogging schedule. I'm going to start posting my dinner schedule on my Sunday's Sizzle Saute with recipes, that way it forces me to do it every week.

I'm changing my giveaway page, I now have 2 pages one just for giveaway and one just for blogger opps. Basically I have 3 blogs in 1. So if you just want my regular blog feed you can subscribe just to that, or the giveaway feed or blogger opp feed. I wanted to make it so my regular blog isn't flooded with other stuff. This way you can subscribe to just what you want, pick 1 or all 3.

If you think it would be awesome to giveaway vacations to your readers like I am, check out the Make $$$ page to find out how! As usual, go link up over on Tuesday's Tea Party or even better sign-up to co-host!

I joined up with Dawn's Desaster again for FTSF, check out how I finished the sentence. Then get over there and link up yourself! This week's sentence...

I thought I was so cool when I... parallel parked like a pro! I'm such a dork but a few months ago there was this tight spot and I parallel parked into it in like 3 turns with like 6 inches to spare in front and in back. Didn't hit the curb or other cars for that matter and I did it in like 30 seconds. I felt so good when I got out, I wish there was a big group of men watching so I could put to rest that women can't drive or park!


This post is so cute. I have a boy too and I know some days you wonder if you'll survive and other days your just so happy to see all your hard work pay off. I love reading stuff from other moms writing about their kids, makes me feel a little more normal.


Watching my kids reactions to the new baby, I've been thinking a lot about how to help them all get along. This post hits the nail on the head. So nice to see three sister, spaced out in age, that are still family oriented  Every mother's wish!

This is a great post for Twitter dummies like me! I mean I know how to post and tweak the background but hashtag was just beyond me til I read this post. She puts a hilarious twist on helping out her fellow Twitter twit.

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  1. Congrats on your new baby girl and I had a feeling when I didn't see you last week!! And I am so with you on the feeling of pride when I can parallel park my car. Not sure why, but always does make smile that I am able to do this!! Thanks as always for linking up with us :)

  2. Awesome job on the 3-turn parallel parking. I would totally feel cool. Instead, I usually sit in my car, sweating like crazy and hope for either two empty spots next to each other or about 100 yards of free space for parallel parking.