Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's Fave #21

Friday - 4.5.2013

This week flew by! Spent Monday in the hospital pretending to be in labor, that was fun. Really nothing else exciting happened all week. Really trying hard to finish some projects both blog related and household stuff before the baby comes. I feel like I have so much free time on my hands now that I'm just sitting and waiting.

Gonna take my man child to the movies tonight with his friend. I'm not sure who's more excited my hubby or my son. We're gonna see Jurassic Park in IMAX. Should be pretty cool, even though I've seen it a thousand times. It should be cool on the ultra big screen, where the seat rumble and move.

If the baby doesn't come this weekend I will try to have some good post up for you guys next week, other wise if you don't hear from me, I'm celebrating the return of my body and birth of my baby girl!

Think it would be awesome to giveaway vacations to your readers without breaking the bank, check out the Make $$$ page to find out how! I'm slowing down on the number of giveaways I'm promoting right now just since I'm preparing for having a baby and all. I do have a few blogger opps I'm personal running if you want to check those out. As usual, go link up over on Tuesday's Tea Party or even better sign-up to co-host! I started a new link up on Monday's and it didn't have a great turn out. So I'll try a few more time, if it continues I guess I wont do it. I thought it would be fun, it has a music theme, go check out this weeks Music Mystery Mingle and tell me what you think.

I joined up with Dawn's Desaster for FTSF, so get over there and link up! This week's sentence...

A typical day in my life looks like... lately, boring!  My hubby leaves at 6:30 am and always say's goodbye with a kiss. Seeing as I'm hardly alive when that happens I quickly fall back asleep. Lately my mom has been living with us, so she's been taking my son to school, which has been awesome. I usually roll, by roll I mean I look like a turtle struggling to get off it shell, out of bed around 8 am. Me and the Diva Dormouse eat breakfast. Depending on the day, I either bring her to dance or preschool, unless it Friday, oh wait it is, then she's home getting into everything while I attempt to either blog or clean. The March Hare is home around 3, which usually entails me fighting with him to do his homework and chores. The Mad Hatter is next, home by 4 and stays in his cave until I finish or go get dinner. We always eat as a family at the dinner table, I believe strongly in it. Then it's bathes and bedtime, and a few minutes of peace with the hubby before he's snoring in my ear and I'm left talking to myself.

This is the Menopausal Mother and she is a riot! Her post about her son caught my eye this week because I too have a 9 live wonder, but he's only 10. I have followed her for quite some time and always love how real she keeps it. Life is what it is and were just at the plate batting at whatever curve balls come out way. She's great fun and a good read, go check her out.

Mommy, for real

What a wonderful post. I'm kinda on a mommy theme today, I guess we know where my head is. Anyway, its always nice to hear from our kids that they don't really think were as terrible as we make ourselves out to be in our own heads. And even to hear that they kinda like us. This is such a nice share about her daughter standing up for her.

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  1. Hello from the FTSF hop. Sounds like you have a full life and a great family. Hope the new addition happens smoothly (and not in the seats of the Imax!)

  2. Thank you so much for linking up with us and I am so hoping you have your baby girl by next week!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!! :)

  3. You are an amazing woman--here you are, keeping up with all the blogging and your baby is due any day?? Wow! As I recall, I laid in bed and ate chocolate chip cookies with orange sherbet while I watched trash TV. Alice, thank you SO MUCH for featuring me today--what a nice surprise! I am honored. I also love Mommy For Real and am so glad to see her name up there. You are such a sweetie--I will be thinking good thoughts about you this week and praying for a smooth delivery. Can't wait to hear how it all goes and see pictures of your precious, new baby!

  4. Found you on Meno Mom.. love your site.


  5. Wow, that is so awesome and unexpected, and it totally made my day! Thank you so much, and glad you linked up with FTSF again! You rock, mama!

  6. Aww you love Menopausal Mother as much as I do-she's not only funny but she's a lovely person!

    We all think our ordinary everyday life is boring-trust me it's not. Though it sounds like a day in your life is about to get MUCH more interesting! :-D Good luck with the incoming family addition!

  7. I am SO jealous that your mom drives your son to school! That's awesome. And I love Stephanie at Mommy for Real and Menopausal Mother too :)

  8. Jurassic Park in IMAX should be great! Such a great movie! My kids are both 'fraidy cats so I know it would lead to nightmares. But someday! Enjoy!

  9. You should do like I do. Schedule post that way you wont have to worry if you're away or not something will be posted.