Thursday, April 4, 2013

Inducing labor naturally

Thursday - 4.4.2013

If you have followed me for any amount of time, it would be hard to escape the fact that I'm pregnant. So if you don't know, you do now, I am 37 weeks 5 days pregnant with my third child. I have had a miserable pregnancy, starting with morning sickness, more like all day sickness for the first three months, then pulling my groin muscle at about month 4, making it incredibly painful when I walk and then started having contractions at about month 6, being put on semi bed rest. So now that I could be done at any moment I'm beyond thrilled to get this baby out! Funny how she's been threatening to come for the last 4 months but now that it's time, she's being stubborn and trying to stay put. What a brat! Of course she's not making the final moments of her stay any more comfortable for mom.

Saturday I lost my plug and she started to drop. Sunday night I started to have consistent contractions every 7-8 minutes apart and by Monday morning they were still going strong (and painful), so we went to the hospital. Yep they were going strong every 5 minutes, nurse thought for sure I was in labor, until they checked me and I was only dilated to 1! They drugged me up and sent me on my way. So now I'm determined!

This baby's lease is expiring quickly and eviction is inevitable. Actually I'm started the eviction process early! So I'm keeping tract of what I'm trying and we will see what works.
Here's what I've tried:

Walking: Lot's and lot's of walking, house work and whatever else I can do.
Sex: Yes, my husband is thrilled, me not so much, kinda hurts right now.
Acupuncture: I have an awesome acupuncturist, he's a dad to three himself and he so good at what he does.
Massage: I went to one of foot massage place and had them rub the crap out of my legs and feet.
Raspberry Leaf Tea: Supposed to help shed the lining of the uterus when your on your period.

Do they work? We'll find out! I started walking Tuesday and acupuncture, massage and tea yesterday. I will keep doing as many of them as I can until she comes. Well see how much it hurries the process! Keep ya updated!

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  1. I was gonna ask how many weeks were you but I over looked it and went back and saw you're 37 weeks. Online it says you should be 37 weeks before the baby is fully developed so you're at that but then it said that drs like you to be 38 to 42 weeks. I'm not sure how many weeks u should be in all. But I'm sure there's a trick that will do that. I think I heard about cod oil or whatever it's called. Not sure tho.