Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Fave #24 & Blog Hops

Friday - 5.3.2013

Howdy lover lips! I'm in one of those moods today, maybe it's the coffee (not the recycled stuff... see my Facebook page for explanation), maybe it's because I actually got some sleep, maybe it's because yesterday was a not so great day so today is going to be better... Either way I'm in a happy mood, in fact, to take it a step further I'm in a silly mood! So my picks this week are reflecting my mood, being they are all over the place with no real rhyme or reason.

For my wrap up this week I want to share a moment that made me spill over with happiness. On Thursday night I got to go on a spur of the moment date night with my hubby. It was one of those weird days where he text me early in the day that he had to work late, but didn't know how late yet. So I decided not to make dinner, you know just feed the kids cheat food like corn dogs. I'd just eat cheese, chocolate and wine. Well around 6 pm, just as I'm feeding the kids, he walks in the door, of course! Monday night he worked til 4 am, missing the awesome lasagna dinner I made. His job is so hard to tell what time "working late" is til, so some nights it's difficult to know if I should make a full blown meal.

Anyway, were talking and laughing together while he's working out in the garage and he say's "Your mom has been living with us for 2 months now, so why are we not taking advantage of this? Let's go get sushi!" Um YES... Oooooh mommy! The kids were all in bed by the time we left and it's not like she was leaving, so really she had no choice! This is why I love my hubby. (and my mom for that matter) You didn't make dinner, oh let me take you out to dinner then. Yep I'm spoiled.

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I joined up with Dawn's Disaster again for FTSF, check out how I finished the sentence. Then get over there and link up yourself! This week's sentence...

If I were stuck on an island, I would like to have... I would normally be a smart alec and say rum. The intelligent side of me would say a lighter or pocket knife. But I watch that show on Discovery - Naked Castaway the other day and now I would say knowledge. If I was stuck on an island I'd be happy to have the "know how" to survive. This guy only had cameras! No clothes, food, water or any thing else but the knowledge of how to survive.

You can't drink salt water, so what do you do? How do you get drinking water? Islands don't usually have restaurants or pizza delivery (unless your it's a Hawaiian island), so what do you eat? No lighter, how do you make fire? You get the point? My second vote would still be rum, at least while I'm attempting to figure out how to survive, I can be really delirious!

I also decided to link up with Lisa-Jo Barker for 5 Minute Friday. For this one she gives you a topic and you have to write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. I love these kind of blog hops because they really challenge me to explore the boundaries of my writing abilities as short as they are. So this weeks topic is...


It came to me right away, yesterday I sat in amazement of my dear friend Kim from Being Blissfully Blind. She was born early, a twin, weighing only a pound. Her twin didn't make it and the drops the doctors put in her eyes made her blind. But she wants no one's sympathy. She is so strong, so brave. I have known her since I was about 11 or so and she has always taken on the world with a grin and determination. Her disability doesn't slow her down.

So when we were hanging out one day and she said she wanted to start blogging too, you can imagine how thrilled I was to set her up. Here she is again looking at life with no fear. She will be writing about how to live independently as a blind person. Amazing!

This post caught my eye because the school year is coming to it's end and I always like to get my son's teachers a little something for putting up with him all year. Her post gave me a great idea and quite a chuckle! I absolutely love how she calls Pinterest, Pintercrack! And I just died when she compares Starbucks gift card for teacher to cigarettes in prison, genius!

If you follow me on Facebook and if you don't you should, come on where's the love y'all! Oh, if you follow me you should know I'm a coffee addict. Well now I don't have to feel bad not that I do for drinking it everyday! Mama highlight some wonderful new developments for coffee drinkers! So fill up your cup and get reading!

Now I'm not much of a book reader unless it's the Bible or some kind of make me a better person quick book AKA self help books! So even though this post is about a book she's excited to read, I loved her excitement and hysterical expectations of the book. Just read the post and you'll see what I mean! 

I am addicted to Pintercrack (Yeah I'm using that now!) So where I read this post, my first though was "Why didn't I think of that?" No pun intended! Ok maybe a little bit. But seriously there are some great ideas on there and this summer I'm going to challenge myself to try some of them! Thanks for sharing your favorite pins!

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  1. Found you via Five Minute Friday. Your friend sounds incredible; you're blessed to have each other! Come visit me.


  2. Going for our first date night in months hopefully tomorrow night, too!! And knowledge truly is a great thing to have. I am so afraid I probably would die though, because I am truly a city girl at heart!! Thanks as always for linking up with us Alice. Have a wonderful weekend, too!!

  3. Wait a minute- are we not supposed to feed out kids cheat food every day? Just kidding. Sort of. No, seriously, it definitely has its place, and I'm glad you got to go out! You are so right with the whole "knowledge" thing- my husband loves those outdoor survival show, and I would pretty much be dead in a day if I was actually stranded. Thanks for linking up with us!

  4. Rum sounds definitely a need ;)

    TGIF :)

  5. God bless your dear, brave warrior friend.

  6. Here from FTSF and I'd vote for rum! but yeah, a pocketknife is probably a good idea...

  7. Well... rum is kinda islandy. It has that coconut smell or am I thinking something else? Either way, I think i would vote rum too!

    The Wondering Brain

  8. Lucky you.... a date with your hubby. It's funny when my mom is visiting for a few months we don't take advantage of her nearly enough and go out. Oh well, I will live vicariously through your date!

  9. Thanks so much for featuring me on a Friday's Faves! Totally stoked and nabbing me that button :) Starbucks cards are a fabooosh form of trading currency for teachers who aren't coffee drinkers. Not that I have met many non-coffee-drinking teachers, ever. I am jealous about the date night, hope you had an awesome time!