Monday, May 6, 2013

Oh Coffee, My First Love!

Monday - 5.6.2013

Most of you know I love coffee. No, maybe more like I'm addicted to coffee. An even truer statement is I NEED coffee! I need it so I appear to be a halfway sane person and mother. Not to mention coffee seems to help keep my migraines under a certain amount of control. That being said, I'm not all crazy about the amount I drink, I actually only drink about one giant cup a day.

Anyway, I told you all that so I could tell you this story. I'm sitting here telling my hubby about the nasty can of coffee I just bought, usually I buy Folgers dark roast, but this time I was at Costco and the darkest roast they had was their cheap Kirkland brand. So after drinking my first cup of this stuff I realized I could have thrown a scoop of dirty cat litter in the coffee maker and it probably would have tasted better.

My hubs, who doesn't drink coffee at all, say's "Why buy the cheap stuff? You will buy a $5 coffee at Starbucks, so even if you pay $30 a can for really good organic stuff your still doing better than going to Starbucks everyday."

I reply "Well all they had was beans in the good stuff and I don't have a grinder."

The look on his face at this point was priceless and he say's "You do to have a grinder! You have a $500 blender that will grind the beans!"

Now I'm laughing because I begged him for months to buy me the Vitamix Blender and even at the presentation I made him sit through, they tell you it grinds coffee beans! He's so smart, I knew there was a reason I kept him around! So this morning I ran to Trader Joe's, bought a bag of medium roast Columbia coffee, ground the beans in my blender and enjoyed my cafe grade coffee. But this whole conversation got my thinking... about two things:

  • Is it really cheaper than going to Starbucks? If so, how much?
  • What's the difference between roasts?
So in this post I'm going to do the math, but I also did research on the roasts so later this week I will post about that.

Here's the break down

Cup of coffee at home: 1oz coffee grinds per 16oz cup (with 1oz shot of creamer)

Cheap can of coffee: $10.99/48oz = $0.22 per cup of coffee
Trader Joe's can of coffee: $13.99/24oz = $0.58 per cup of coffee

Starbucks Grande (16oz) White Chocolate Mocha = $4.25 
Starbucks Grande (16oz) Drip = $1.70

I wanted to be fair and also mention what a cup of regular coffee cost too since I order the super fancy full of sugar drink. So as you can see my hubby was right (don't let him read this though!) it's way cheaper to buy good stuff and brew at home!

Oh and for the record if a bag of really really really good coffee did actually did cost $30 a can and let's just say it's a 12oz can because lord knows the expensive stuff always comes in much smaller supply, the cost per cup would be $2.50! So it's still better the that fancy drink!

Next coffee post - What's the difference between roasts?

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