Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WW: Kids (of all ages) at play!

Wednesday - 5.1.2013

We have this awesome place near us called Bright Child, if you remember Discovery Zone when we were kids, well this is similar. They have a huge indoor play ground that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. I think the dads had more fun than the kids! Either way it's a great place and loads of fun, I'm excited because next time we go I will actually get to play seeing as I'm no longer pregnant!

Dad's love this place too! Zip line any one?
It's a race! The blur is the Dormouse winning!
Baby A!
Watch out! Daddy's at target practice!
Sitting Ducks!
The Mad Hatter gettin his but kicked by the Dormouse in the obstetrical course!

Sorry Daddy you lose!

Big Daddy I thinkin he rad in the firetruck!

Let me out of here!

Um babe I think your going the wrong way!

Dormouse drivin the firetruck!

I see you hiding!

I'm innocent!

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