Thursday, October 3, 2013

I will win the nap time battle!

Thursday - 10.3.2013

Aw nap time... children hate it while mommy wishes she could catch a quick one.

My 4 year old daughter AKA the Dormouse decided to cut out her nap about a year ago and I let her. I let her because I was too wrapped up in being pregnant and having a new baby. However now that I'm back in the take charge mindset and I have another baby that needs to take a nap, I'm making it happen again. Not to mention she has to lay down at pre-school whenever she stays into the afternoon, so she already knows its part of the routine there. That's what got me thinking! Why am I not making her do this?

She needs it so bad. By 4ish in the afternoon she's just a little beast! Won't listen, totally cranky and whining non stop, but when I do make her lay down, all she does is plays!

My mom mentioned that she use to put me in my bed and sit in my room. She loves to remind me that I was just as hard as the Dormouse is. So this got me thinking... She needs a nap and I'm trying to have a regular blogging/networking schedule. Well wallah! This works for both of us, in fact all three of us.

For two hours (yes I set my ever so famous timer) I sit in her room with my lap top, while she lays in her bed (sleeping or not, but quietly) and the baby can take a nap in her crib as well. Win, win for everyone!

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