Thursday, October 24, 2013

Personal Space... Ha Ha What's That?

Thursday - 10.24.2013

I'm trying to remember what personal space entails, since the birth of the Dormouse and the Rosebud, I am no longer entitled to even a small moment of it. I think it's funny that people pay lawyers to sue other people or business over the invading of privacy, these people are obviously not parents. I think what the doctors disgustingly call your water breaking during labor is actually your personal space bubble bursting into tears over its last precious moment with you!

view from my bed
I realized I have no right to such a thing a few days ago when I was standing in the shower attempting to clean myself before my husband brought in the baby so I could wash her off too. This is going on while the bathroom door is wide open and so is my bedroom door. My 11 year old is sitting on my bed writing his blog and my 4 year old is standing in the doorway asking me five million questions. Let me back up, the shower is made of clear glass, yes I am nude and in plain sight of my children and anyone else that decides to mosey on into my room!

You should stop them from doing that you say. I have tried and failed so many times, I gave up. Here is a list of other things I no longer have 2 minutes to do in privacy.

  • Poop - The lock is broken on the bathroom, so as if showering isn't bad enough, I can't do number 2 without someone whipping the door open to ask me something ridiculous!
  • Sex - If it's not the baby crying it's my mother asking why my door is locked! Really!?!?
  • Date Night - Gotta love this one. Mid conversation with my hubby, I get a text from my son asking where I am and when I'll be home!
  • Reading Text Messages - I can't leave my phone out, I don't have anything to hide, in fact the only person I don't mind reading my messages is my hubby. But for some reason if I leave my phone out somewhere and it goes off, my mother and son think they NEED to read me my text messages! 
  • Phone Calls - This one never fails, as soon as the phone rings and I resemble the act of answering it, someone starts screaming at the top of their lungs for no apparent reason.

So next time you think about suing someone for invading your privacy, ask yourself do I get to do these things alone? If the answer is yes, be happy with your day and move on with your dang life!

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Stay safe, stay sane and stay absolutely splendid!

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