Sunday, September 2, 2012

"The Man" Chili

Sunday - September 2, 2012

Do you have a manly man at home? I'm talkin way more manly then chunky soup man! He likes his meat and lots of it. I've got just the chili for him with three kinds of meat including bacon!!! Get the recipe here.

Go figure I got this recipe from a guy friend of ours. He made it at our last super bowl party and the guys were going crazy for it! After that party my hubby asked me to get the recipe, so I did, that was my first mistake now he begs me to make it all the time!

The recipe is super easy, once you get passed browning all the meat, the crock pot does the rest. I server it over sweet corn bread, but my hubby likes it with garlic bread. It's great with some big chunks of Velveeta cheese for chips & dip as well. This recipe makes so much, my hubby eat it for lunch the whole rest of the week!

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