Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vitamix Blender

Sunday - 9.30.12

I have been waiting weeks to write about this and now that the urge to live next to the toilet is letting up, I finally can! My amazing hubby got me my anniversary gift a little early, only for the mere fact that I'm carrying his offspring. I have been wanting a Vitamix for some time now, well pretty much as soon as I knew I was prego. My mother has had her machine for 10 years! Yes same machine still going strong after 10 years, these things are indestructible!

I have never been so excited about a blender or any household item for that fact. I skipped and sang the whole way from the cash register to the house, well I guess while I was in the car I wasn't skipping as it's impossible but I was as wiggly as my toddler! I did my research and Costco is by far the best place to buy it, because let's face it, on the 1:10000000000000000000000000000000 chance I didn't like it, I could return it no questions asked. So I waited, very patiently, for the next road show to come around (Vitamix roadshow schedule) and drug my poor hubby to Costco. We stood in front of the booth for a hour as Mike the Vitamix host sold my hubby on how badly I needed this blender.

What sold my hubby the most? Not that it made perfect margaritas with a whole lime (yes peel and all), not that it makes real fruit smoothies, or cold coffee drinks, or hot soup, or ice cream, no what sold him is it can make baby food from real fruit & veggies at home and save him money in the long run! I knew I had a great catch when baby food was the selling point, I mean I knew two years ago when I married him he was a keeper, but now my decision was shining gold. So $500 later we were bring my new pretty red Vitamix blender home and I was skipping!

The Mad Hatter carrying our precious cargo to the car!

So what have I made with it since I birthed it from the wrapping? So glad you ask because it's been amazing! I made broccoli cheddar soup the first night, I've made more spinach smoothies for after-school snack then Jamba Juice, ice coffee... so amazing, my hubby even made ice coffee from chocolate covered espresso beans, perfectly blended! Now that I'm starting to feel like a normal human bean again I plan on doing much more!


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  1. OH I love smoothies. Might have to make one now. LOL!

    *Also, I'm giving you a One Lovely Blog Award!

    ...and so glad you are feeling better. :)