Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Oh no, he's thinks he's a teenager!"

Tuesday - September 11, 2012  

I know it's late, but I just had to write. My 10 year old son aka the March Hare, thinks he's a teenager or at least his attitude does. I hate telling my mother whats happening because all I hear is laughing. She loves to remind me what pay back is! Was I really this bad? How do parents survive teenagers? Worst part is he's NOT a teenager yet!

He has ADHD and we have determined it is impossible for him to sit still or keep his lips closed. It's only 3 weeks into school and guess who's already sitting in the very front of the classroom in a one person desk facing the wall! Yea, I warned his teacher. I don't want this too be all bad, so here is the part that I will tell you the goos things. He is very sweet natured, is very kind to little kids and babies (except his little sister), is exceptional smart (in fact his STAR testing results had him in the advanced scores and 8th grade reading level) and can be a real riot when his mouth is getting the better of him. Ok so now that thats out of the way now I need to vent!

So about two weeks ago he did something wrong, really wrong. I know most kids do stupid things at this age and this is not an uncommon act. I'll tell you what happen but I'd rather focus on the discipline he's receiving and how I think it's making me more crazy than him! Here we go...

He was at a friends house, a very, very close friend of ours, not just our family but my parents as well. He spent the night, the next day he was showing off a new Gameboy telling me they had given it to him. Now I know my friend and that was pretty far fetched, I asked and of course she said no. Stealing is not at all tolerated in our home and sadly this is not the first time, not to mention this was a pretty hot ticket item compared to the few priors. So I was furious.

 We decided it was time to get tough! First thing of course he had to go face them. He wrote them an apology letter and hand delivered it to her personally. Next he was grounded from EVERYTHING for a month, but for the first week he was on Juvi-week. Yes his room was stripped clean of everything but books and became his cell. We figured he should know where the life of a thief lands you. So he came home from school and spent the rest of the day in his room, even had to eat in there.

He was bored out of his mind and made me absolutely bonkers! Thanks goodness were onto just being grounded from everything, but I think at the end he really got the picture.  Now if I could just get the attitude to go bye-bye, we'd have peace. But I don't see that happening, something tells me the next 8 years aren't going to be very fun!

Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!

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