Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thoughtful Man

Thursday - 9.27.12 

Today I would like to reflect on a moment of thoughtfulness because I think we hear enough about all the jerks in the world. Today's thoughtful act was preformed by the Mad Hatter aka my hubby. As many of you know I'm pregnant with my third child, (my hubby's first) so I'm no newbie to pregnancy cravings and I try not to be too incredibly demanding about them when I have them.

A few days ago we were laying in bed watching TV, it was about 11:30 pm and I had remember a good friend of my mom's had advised me to try mint chip ice cream for the horrible nausea I have been experiencing at night. So I roll over to him with big eyes and fluttery eye lashes, he looks at me with that how much is this going to cost me look on his face and says "What do you want?" I softly reply "Mint chip ice cream." He looks at the clock and looks back at me grumbling "right now?" Before I reply I decided I don't need it right now, even though it would be nice, so I say "I guess not, but I heard it will help." He promises "I'll get you some for tomorrow night, ok?" I shrug my shoulders and figure he will forget.

The next night were laying in bed again, this time it's about 10:00 pm and I roll over, same big eyes and fluttering eye lashes, I say "Mint chip ice cream would be amazing right now." He replies "Oh good because I got you some! I'll go get you a bowl." I'm so mean, I reply with a surprisingly "You remembered?" He comes back in the room with a bowl of mint chip and says "Of course I remembered, I can't have mama going without her mint chip."

Sometimes the smallest things like remembering to do something someone asked you to do can really brighten someones day or night. So let all take this as a lesson to try to keep our promises.

Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!

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Candy Galaxy


  1. Yay for remembering husbands. :)

    ...and did it help?

  2. He sounds awesome! And oh how I love mint chocolate chip! xx - follower

  3. Yes Mint Chip does help!

  4. I honestly got teary eyed reading this. I have an amazing man, I it always makes me feel so ridiculously happy when I know other people are happy too. That may not make any sense. Good Luck with the pregnancy.

  5. Well I'm glad I could bring some happiness to your day! I do like know others are happy too, it reminds me that there are still good people in the world. Thanks for the comment!