Saturday, September 1, 2012


Saturday - September 1, 2012 

Now I know what your thinking this is silly Saturday's and the title is spiders, there is nothing funny about spiders. Well I'm going to tell you guys something that happened to me and you can tell me if it's not absolutely hilarious!

A couple years back, before I married my hubby, I lived with my parents. Yes, I was forced to move back in with The Red Queen and King at 26 years old, bringing my two kids with me. That's a totally different story though, anyway because there really wasn't enough room for me AND my kids at my parents house, my room was in the living room. That's right, enter in front door look right and hello, there's my room. Eight months I lived like that, but again different story.

So one night I had gone to bed kind of early, about ten o'clock. My mom hears muffled screaming, so she comes out to find out what's going on. She comes over to my bed, I have the covers over my head and I'm screaming and kicking my legs. She says "Alice, Alice what's wrong." I don't answer, just continue screaming and kicking my legs. She rips the covers off me and as she does I jump over her head, out of the bed, no joke about ten feet in the air and land about another ten feet away from the bed. Still screaming, but with the added "It's on me, it's on me!" While wiping myself down.

My mom is standing there so shocked at my athletic leap out of my bed and so confused by what's on me. Shes says the only logical thing to say, which is "Whats on you?" I don't answer, I just run over the bed, neurotically wiping down the bed, and at this point I'm only yelling "It's in the bed, it got under the sheets!" My mom knows me too well, so at this point she explains "I think you were dreaming." I look at her with no expression at all and blankly say "Yes, I think I was." Without saying another word I get back in bed and roll over!

So what was I dreaming about? Well lucky for you I'm one of those people that has VERY vivid dreams and remember EVERY detail! And of course my mother wanted to know in the morning what in the world what on me!

A spider had made a web from head board to foot board, in which I was stuck underneath under my covers! To make matters worse the spider was descending down toward my face just as my mom rip the blankets off me! I have such bad arachnophobia. And thanks to this dream I have to sleep with my hand nudged up to mouth, covering 99.9% of it, so spiders can't crawl into my mouth at night! Yes thanks to this nightmare I'm a little more nuts! Sleep well my little dears! =)


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