Saturday, February 16, 2013

31 Weeks - Bun in the Oven

Saturday - 2.16.13

DevelopmentShe weighs about 3.3 pounds or like carrying around 4 navel oranges. She is a tad over 16 inches long from head to heel. Oh and still a hick-upping her way to breathing air!

Movement: I wonder if she will be this active out of the womb?

Weight Gain: Last time was some where between 8 - 10 pounds, still got two weeks til my next appoint to know for sure.

Me and the White Rabbit's belly bumbs! I'm in front.
Maternity Clothes: If I leave the house, which is rarely  Sweats are my life right now.

Best Moment: My hubby staying home sick *cough, *cough. Just getting to spend time with him while the kids were in school.

Worst Moment: Having the Red Queen call everyone and thier mother when I thought my water broke! Grrr so irritating!

Sleep: The question should more appropriately be do you ever open your eyes!

Miss Anything: Life! 

Food Cravings: Sweet tooth all the way!

Symptoms:  I'm starting to think I might be able to blow fire with the amount of heat coming out of my gut!

Labor Signs: Oh me ooh my, I thought my water broke! Ran to the hospital, turns out I'm an over producer for natural lube! I'm gonna bottle this stuff and sell it on the black market!

Mood: Alive... Is surviving a mood? I'm in auto pilot right now.

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