Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weeks Vs. Months Pregnant

Thursday - 2.21.2013

When your pregnant, knowing how many weeks you are seems to come easy. If your 25 weeks pregnant you know exactly how many months that is, not to mention how many weeks, months and even days you have left! But have you ever noticed if you tell someone how many weeks you are, especially a man, a woman who's never been pregnant or an older woman that hasn't had babies for some time, they are usually quite puzzled as to what that really means. Most people seem to understand months better, so why does the medical field prefer weeks?

Well it's quite simple actually, months just aren't as accurate! The fact is there are always 7 days in a week, so a woman 40 weeks pregnant is full term. However there are not always 4 weeks in a month, if there were that would mean women actually carry for 10 months! The fact is most full term pregnancy do actually carry about 9 1/2 months give or take. Let me give you an example of the complications of counting by months.

On Saturday I will be 32 weeks pregnant putting me in my 8th month, my due date is April 20th which is almost exactly 2 months or 8 weeks away, but that puts me at being 10 months pregnant on my due date! So next time a woman tells you she in her 8th month but her due date is two months away don't question it, she hasn't lost her mind completely and still knows how to count! Hopefully the chart below can help clear up the confusion. Either way a word of advice never argue with a pregnant woman.

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