Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WW: My many hair styles

Wednesday - 2.6.13

Over the last ten years I have had quite a few hair styles! Right now it's long and I hate it! I usually keep it pretty short. My hubby and I have a deal that after the baby is born I can cut it. He loves it long, but I love it short and I have been told I do short well. So I wanna hear from you guys! Which cut do you like the best on me?

2001 - I'm 17!

2005 - Chop it all off after my first husband died.

Early 2008 - I did some modeling, had a short bob.

Late 2008 - Jet Black with bangs

Early 2009 - Shoulder length with blonde streaks over black

Nov 2009 - Long, blonde on top, red underneath

Dec 2009 - Shoulder length, Blonde with pink streaks on top and red underneath. (The pink steaks were unintentional, I wanted them to be red, but blonde doesn't go red)

Late part of Dec 2009 -  Chin length, shaggy layers and straight black

Early 2010 - Shoulder, still black

Mid 2010 - Short in back, shaggy in front and dark red

Late 2010 - Short all around and black

 Dec 2011 - Getting long and black.

 Now - Long, at the top of my boobs and as close to my natural color as you get. Haven't dyed it in over 6 months. Other than trims I haven't cut it in almost 3 years! I need a change.

I'm thinking short in back and shaggy in front again (like the mid 2010), but blonde! My hubby would be thrilled with it blonde again, so we both win. But I wanna hear from you guys which cut/color did you guys like best?

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  1. I like the black bob in late Dec 2009 and the very last picture.... The long hair is really cute:-)