Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm addicted to Craigslist, Amazon and garage sales...

Tuesday - August 14, 2012

Who says you can't have nice stuff and be cheap? I was raised going to garage sales, quite ritually on Saturdays with my mom. And it didn't stop there, I would go to my grandparents house (her parents) and guess where they would go every Saturday, heck they would make whole vacations out of going to antique malls and garage sales! I am the new generation of cheap and it's been made much easier with Craigslist and Amazon!

When my friends ask "Oh is that new? It's so nice, where did you get it?" I reply "Craigslist" They never believe me at first, of course now they have come to expect it. I even have one friend that keeps trying to recruit me into looking for things for her. So is it easy? Not always, if I am looking for something specific, it could take weeks for a good deal to come up, it definitely takes some patients.

They have an app on Android that let's you watch more then one location and notifies you every time something comes up in that search. You can set the min and max amount you what to spend. So for instance I am in the market for a large floor rug, I type that into the search. I set the region I want for Ventura co and Los Angeles co. My max price is $100. The search shows me every large rug, $100 and less in those 2 locations. And every time something new is upload to CL that matches my criteria I get a notification. You can turn this option off if you want and just check back to the search as often as you like to see what's been listed (it saves your searches). This little tool has help us finds loads of stuff for our house (see below).

The app is called c*PRO craigslist Client Droid. I don't know have an iPhone but I found this app on Apple's app store called Craigslist Mobile Ultimate for iPhone_iPod. Let me know how it works for you all you apple users.

I say us because my husband is equally as addicted and has the app on his phone as well! Most of our homes furniture is from CL! In fact the place we are renting was found on CL the day our landlord list it! We ended up with the coolest most awesome land lord ever! I found the last place we rented on CL too!

Amazon is a little different. I usually buy small stuff on there that retail stores charge 10 times as much for. Things like phone chargers & cases, books, nail stuff and small electronics. I use Amazon to check reviews when contemplating big purchases and check prices when I'm at the store.

To the right you will see an Amazon search bar. You can search for anything! I have the kitchen appliances circling there but the possibilities are endless! And of course there's an app! Android users: Amazon Mobile and Apple users: Amazon Mobile. I find the app even easier to use then the website! You can store your CC info and there is a 1-click feature for quick buying. (kinda dangerous, exercise extreme self-control!) The mail man must be suspicious of how many small packages we get every week! Between the hubs and I were both equally addicted!

Garage Sales
I still go to garage sales with my mom, just not as ritually. However she still goes every Saturday still! In fact she has made a business out of buying stuff at garage sales, cleaning that stuff up and selling it on eBay. Some people just don't what they have when they throw it out in the garage sale pile. If you would like to see what kind of stuff my mom sales, click the picture below! She even teaches people how to make an income on eBay!

Did you know there is a app for garage sale too... What?!?! You wondering how so... This app maps out all the garage sales that have been listed on Craigslist and other garage sale listing sites! It's awesome, shows you where on the map, gives you the address if listed and any other details the person listed about the garage sale! Its called Garage Sale Rover FREE on Android. I found something similar on the Apple store called Garage Sale Mobile. Like I said I don't use Apple so I don't know how good it is.

Most of my house, yard, kitchen and closet is from craigslist, amazon, and garage sales. Just what kind of deals have I found? Well I'm glad you asked! Click the addicted photo below to see the many countless item we have found, don't mind the messes surrounding them, this is real life after all! And happy hunting!


   Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!

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  2. Same here! I love Amazon the most! I won't call it being cheap. It's more of being an intelligent shopper. ;) Love your site! Learned about your site from Bloggy Moms. Followed you on Twitter and liked your FB page.