Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Don't be sad."

Tuesday - August 28, 2012

The Dormouse-- My almost 3 year old daughter, who has a bigger personality than Reba, Jim Carry, and Bill Cosby combined, more energy than a spider monkey on Rockstar and is just so gorgeous she belongs on Tots & Tiara's (Ha ha NEVER!) She's little miss informative, is never quiet... not even in her sleep, and is so stinking smart, they'll have to start her in 4th grade when she goes to school. However, there are times when I wish I could monitor her thoughts, just peek into her little brain and see what in the world is going on in there! 

The other day I told her to go get shoes on. She started off in a t-shirt and capris on, but when I walked into her room she had a beanie, sweater, socks, thank goodness the shoes on, and mittens in her hand. Now this would have been ok had it not been 90 degrees outside! She said she was cold until we got into the car and proceeded to rip everything off!

Ready for summer weather?

 I've stopped fighting with her to stay in one outfit for the day. She plays in her room and changes 100 times. She's definitely a accessory and shoe girl, where she gets that from...  One day I was sitting at my computer and she came out in a Minnie Mouse play dress, a tutu under it, 2 purses, Cinderella play shoes and upside down sunglasses. She's just so stinking cute, and not just because I made her. She is however, a HUGE DIVA!

Dress up? Pssshh this is just how I dress!

Her newest thing is telling us she's sad. As sweet as this sounds, it's hard not to crack up hysterically when she does it. There is never really a rhyme or reason for being sad, she just sits down and says she's not moving because shes sad. Like when we were at the zoo. The Mad Hatter and I are walking together, letting her run in front of us. Suddenly she starts dropping behind us, then sits down on some seats. I keep walking, slow enough to hear what's happening, my hubs walks over to her. He says "What are you doing hunny, let's go see the otters!"

Dormouse, with hands under her chin and elbows on her knees, says "I'm sad daddy"

Mad Hatter looking at me puzzled, I'm shrugging my shoulders, with that "don't ask me" look on my face. He says "Why are you sad?

She doesn't move, just says "I'm very very sad daddy."

Mad Hatter is getting antsy now and says "Don't be sad, lets go see the otters."

Dormouse is frustrated now and throws her hands down in her lap and says in a little bit louder voice "I'm just sad daddy, ugh!" As she's shaking her head no, as in disbelief that he doesn't understand why she sad.

At this point I'm standing there laughing because no reason has been given and her little personality is just so funny to watch. My hubs, who has an incredible amount of patience is desperately trying to figure out why she's sad. So he says to her again "Hunny why are you sad?"

This time she looks up at him, jumps off the seat and runs over to me yelling "Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy!" Grabs my hand and says "Let's go mommy." We walk off like nothing ever happen. I look back at my hubs, who's rubbing his head in confusion and slowly catching up to us, I flash him a silly smile and go we see the otters.

When you have kids you must except that not all things will be understood, it's a given they wont understand most things, but you must be prepared to define all logic!

Next Tuesday will be a segment I like to call "Moments of Madness with the March Hare". These are some of the random ramblings of my 10 year old son whom I refer to as the March Hare.

Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!

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  1. LOL. Love the diva pic with the upside down sunglasses. She's rockin it!

  2. Thank you for connecting with us for the Southern Mamas blog hop! We look forward to getting to know you!

    -Megan @ {All Things New}