Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mommy's favorite day of the year!

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Yesterday was the first day of school. I can only begin to tell you how incredibly excited I was! My 10 year old son, The March Hare, has been out of school for 2 1/2 months and well, he drove me up the wall! I'm not sure if it just the stage he is at, or the fact that we have had a tough past up until now (the last 2 years have been the most stable 2 years of his life, want to know more see the about me section) and that being said, he's just mad at me or what it is I really don't know. But this kids went from sweet and hyper to down right disrespectful and never, never, never ever shutting up!

I felt like it started a few weeks into summer. His mouth has always gotten him in trouble but this summer he seemed to push the limits. I ask him to do something, he has a smartalic remark. He always has to be right even he's fighting that the sky is pink! He's always bored despite having school work and reading to do over the summer. I'm not big on kids rotting in front of the TV, so I only let him watch 1 hour of TV or video games a day with the stipulation that his chores, school work and reading all has to be done first. I tried to have friends over, let him go to friends house and plan fun activities like the beach, swimming at friends, the park, and all kinds of other fun places. He even had a camp out in our back yard with 15 boys between the ages of 9 - 17!

Despite all that, all I heard all summer is "I'm bored." I wanted to scream every time he even came near me and his mouth started to open. Ok so enough about how crazy he made me. The other part I hate about summer is how hard it is to have a routine, a routine of any kind. The first day summer hits and something in my conscienceness says "yes time to sleep in!" And there goes the summer! For some reason I can not trick my brain into getting up early when I have no where to be. So now that school has started for him (starts in 3 weeks for the Dormouse) I have a reason to wake up. So I'm taking this as start to my new routine. I got up yesterday and today at 6:30 am, I work out, make my fruit and veggie smoothie and bring him to school. I come home and each day has something different, Mondays' I clean and do laundry, Tuesday's I study the Bible diligently, Wednesday and Thursday are blogging days and Friday is usually a free day and grocery shopping day. Start dinner at 5pm (however I usually already have meat of some kind in the Crockpot hours before that).

I have my daughter all day, but she's easy. She's 3 and although she's picking up quite the attitude herself, she pretty much is self entertained. Then I pick up my son and the battle begins again, but now that I've had time to my self all day I can handle the battle with much more control. So although the kids going to school may sound like a selfish means to have time to myself, I see it as my sanity. How these mom's live, breath, sleep and eat their children (not literally!) I just don't know. More power to the mom's that do homeschooling, I am not one of them and could never be. I value my time alone and quite honestly I need it to stay happy. So thank goodness school started! How do you keep your sanity during the summer?

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