Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Fave #2

Friday - August 31, 2012

Friday's are for my favorite blogging things. This includes 1. my favorite blog this week, 2. my favorite post I read this week, 3. a feature from one of the Blog Hops I follow, 4. a description of one of the blogging directories I'm a part of and 5. a tip on one of the ad companies I use.

#1. My Favorite Blog

This week I have to give a huge thanks to Powered by Mom. She didn't hesitate to answer my questions. She was just so nice and helpful. This awesome mom does tons of great giveaways and gives some super tips on making mamas life a little easier.

#2. My Favorite Post

OMG Becky! If you want to laugh so hard your sides split, this is the place to be. This mom draws less than professional pictures of the everyday things that happen to her, being a mom of two young boys. Her pictures are priceless!

#3. Blog Hops & The Featured

I am always looking for new blog hops. So this week I found a pretty cute one yall! It's called Southern Mamas Blog Hop.The purpose of this blog hop is to connect with other Mamas (Pet Mamas are welcome too!) who have, ever secretly desired to, or are currently living on Southern soil. Not from the South, you say? No problem! We’d still love for you to join us. We’ll gladly adopt you and make you an honorary Southern Belle! So go grab yourself a glass of sweet tea and let’s party!! Too be a part of this blog hop you must follow the four hosts:

#4. Blog Directory

Top Mommy Blog's is a blog directory just for mom blogs, powered by Blog Nation, who is pretty reputable. I like it because you have a profile telling a bit about you and what your blog, like most directories do. But what I really like about it, is that it shows your blog feed right on your profile, your twitter feed too and a profile pic of you blog. So people can see exactly what your blog is all about before they even visit your home page.

#5. Ad Company Feature

Amazon, I mean, need I say more. I love shopping on Amazon, so what could be better than advertising for them! Not to mention they make it soooooo easy! You can feature just a straight ad like the one above. Or you can feature a product you have used and recommend. Or a whole carousel of products you enjoy using, like the one over there on my right sidebar. You can also have a search bar, really the possibilities are endless!

Thanks for sharing another adventure with me!

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