Monday, September 16, 2013

Brutly Honest

Monday - 9.16.2013

When your children see or hear you being honest and doing the right thing, it set an example that can't be matched. Today I am proud of myself for doing something most would not.

Friday I went out and purchased a bunch of items for the bathroom, now that's finally ready to be in use. I got a new shower curtain, rug, curtain bar, etc. Even a small bathroom armoire to hold towels and such. I brought it all home and it sat all weekend long, until last night.

I got a few of the things put away, but I still need to paint so I can hang stuff on the wall. Regardless the one thing I was looking forward to putting up was the shower curtain, why I don't know, I just really wanted to see the whole bathroom pulled together.

I drove myself crazy, walking around the house looking for the stupid Target bag with the shower curtain in it.

I couldn't find it any where. So this morning, my mom suggested I call Target. So I did. As I'm telling the girl that I can find the bag and asking if there is any way they can look to see if I left the bag there, I realize the girl that checked me out never charged me for the armoire. So after the girl tells me they can look back on the security footage to see if I left a bag and asks for the info on my recipe, I tell her about the armoire.

I could tell the girl was amazed I said anything, but asked me to take a picture of the scan code.

Sure enough later in the afternoon they call me to say I left the bag. Biggest mom brain award goes to me!

When I go to pick up my items and pay for the armoire, the lady say's "I honestly can't believe you said anything about, there are few honest people left in this world anymore. Good lesson mom, good lesson." I had my daughters in the cart. So this got me thinking I would share what happen at dinner so my son could hear too.

I'm not writing this post to praise myself for doing right, no, but as a reminder to practice what you preach. If you expect your children to be honest and do the right thing, as I do mine, you most be willing to set the example.

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Stay safe, stay sane and stay absolutely splendid!

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