Saturday, September 7, 2013

Let her cry

Saturday - 9.7.2013

My baby girl will be 5 months old next week, already I know! Feels like yesterday that I was blogging about being pregnant with her! But alas she is getting big so fast. I blog about all her milestones on her on little blog at As The Rose Bud Blooms. Here though I still write things from mommy's prospective and I have a new rant.

She has recently discovered that wailing = attention/being held. So she went from being a very quiet, content baby and sleeping through most the night to crying whenever she has decided she's done with what she's doing, wants to be held non-stop and up every two hours at night with no consoling her. She's not colicky, she's not hungry, she just wants to be held.

So my hubby and I decided it's time for tough love. I feel bad but I know it has to happen. My older two never really had a problem sleeping in their own beds and I definitely don't want this one to start. It's hard because we have a house full of people and usually try to keep her quiet so she's not waking every one else, but those people have over stayed their welcome anyway, so it's time.

Thursday night was my first try at it. She's mostly breastfed but because of her low weight the doc has her on a bottle at night. So I gave her the bottle at 10:30 pm, then put her in her bed, which is a co-sleeper that's now on the floor on my side of the bed. She slept til 2:30 and I gave her a second 4 oz bottle just because she didn't seem full enough. Then put her back in bed. She woke up at 4 am and this time I knew she just wanted to be held, so I put her in the swing.

Normally she loves her swing but she wasn't having it. She just cried. So I let her. It's so hard! I want to pick her up but I know, I know she's testing me! After 8-10 minutes I couldn't take it, so I moved her back to her bed, put her on her belly and pat her butt. At first she was pretty unhappy about it and my poor feet went to sleep I sat there so long. But finally she gave in. I ended up laying on the floor for a while with my arm still in the bassinet patting her back. I finally moved to my bed and guess what... it worked! She stayed asleep til morning!

Guess that means a little more tough love is coming her way, but only because we love her! Please if anyone feels my pain let me know!

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