Sunday, September 8, 2013

Strawberry & Cucumber Tea Sandwiches Tutorial

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I made these adorable little tea sandwiches for my sister-in-laws baby shower a few weeks back and I finally have time to share! I got the idea off Pinterest, of course, but twisted it a bit to fit my flare. So here's a step by step how to put them together and a recipe for the devonshire cream.

Step 1 - You need to make the devonshire cream first because it needs to be chilled before you prepare the sandwiched. Here's the recipe I used as a basis but tweak to fit my liking. I added basil (which I cut with my Herb Scissors) and lemon zest to the cream for flavor.

Step 2 - Cut the crust off the bread. I used white bread for "the look" but you can use whatever kind of bread you want. Now I discovered cutting the sandwiches once they are put together is hard and messy, so I suggest cutting the bread into triangles at this point too. Or you can use cookie cutters if you want to get really creative!

Step 3 - Slice the strawberries and cucumbers. I did it about two hours before we ate and they seem to be fine. But if you do it too early they get soggy. I used my Mandoline Slicer to keep them all the same thickness, works fantastic!

Step 4 - Spread the cream on all the bread slices. You can do half of them if you want, that way only one half of the sandwich has cream, but I felt they would lack flavor if I did. It's easiest to do all the bread at one time too.

Step 5 - Place strawberry and cucumber slices on half the slices of bread. Then cover with the empty slice of bread. At this point I had to cut them, but I since I'm making the suggestion to pre-cut them you wont have the messy problem I did!

Chill until your ready to serve, but don't wait more than 2 hours or they get soggy.

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