Thursday, September 12, 2013

Teaching Time Management While Learning It

Thursday - 9.12.2013

Aw the timer, been around forever and still ever so useful. This particular one keeps my son on track, I carry it around on my hip every day after school.

Yes I have a smart phone and I realize there's an app for that but I find that it's not very reliable. I'll get a text, so it pauses and next thing I know it's been stuck on 5 minutes left for the last half hour. Plus the giant numbers leave no doubt to how much time is left and my phone is free for me to use.

So why I'm a walking around with a timer on my hip?

Well my son, has unfortunately inherited my sense of time, only opposite of me. I usually sit down to do something, only to discover 3 hours have passed and I never completed what I sat down to do. Which is why I have started timing myself, as well, but more on that later. My son has the opposite problem, I tell him go read and 30 seconds later he's up my butt again, telling me he read! Thus begins the afternoon battle.

So when he gets home and sits down to do his homework, reading and blogging, I set the timer. 30 minutes for reading, 30 minutes for blogging and at least 30 minutes for homework. If he starts any of these things without making sure I set the timer, I consider it never to have been done.

Why so harsh?

If I don't give him a consequence for not using the timer, than the vicious battle starts again! The timer makes things fair for both of us.  I believe this is such an important lesson to learn to be a responsible adult. It's something I'm still training myself to perfect.

So what about me?

Like I mentioned I tend to get lost in my own little world when I sit down at my computer. I came up with a schedule for blogging/network and allow myself 2 hours a day. Which means I have a lot to do in that window of time. So knowing that I have to beat the timer keeps me accountable. The rest of my to do list like chores, dinner and so on then actually gets done!

Needless to say the timer is teaching me and my son time management!

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