Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's Fave #35

Friday - 9.27.2013

It's been a blah week, but I won't bore you. In fact I don't even have much to write because I'm in a funk. It's taken me all morning to write this. I'm melancholy today. I know why. I see the kids I look at like siblings making dumb decisions and it breaks my heart. The pain and frustration they will end seeing because of it. Today's 5 Minute Friday seems to fit in perfectly with it all.

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There you have it, let's move on!

I linked up with Lisa-Jo Barker for 5 Minute Friday. For this one she gives you a topic and you have to write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. So this weeks topic is...


Ha ha 5 minutes is just enough time to scratch the surface of my life. So I will give you the speed version. I got pregnant at 17, was a single mom. Got married to a wonderful man when I was 19, he was killed in a car accident when I was 20. That tragic event led to my down fall. In a momentarily (lasting 5 years or so) case of insanity, I remarried at 21. He was controlling, OCD and only interested in the insurance money. After I left him I spun even more wildly out of control.

My mom would take my son for months at a time hoping I would get my act together. Then I got married again on a whim. I knew better but did it anyway. Than I got pregnant. Than I found out he had been cheating on me the entire time. Two weeks after my daughter as born, I left him.

Moved back in with my parents and ran into an old teenage crush. Finally another stable man. Got my life right and back on a righteous path. We got married 3 years ago (our anniversary is in 2 weeks). We had a baby together (5 months ago), making 3 for me.

I have had many struggles being a mom because of this past. Lot's of demons to over come. I feel like I have finally slowed down enough to actually be a mom, though. I ruined my son. He doesn't think so but wait til he's a teenager/adult and he needs therapy. My second daughter is only half way ruined, if I can learn to control my temper and balance my time, she still might have hope. The baby is going to be spoiled, she'll never see the mommy I use to be. I know one day I'll be better and the demons will be laid to rest and that's the day my youngest will get to enjoy.

This is such a cute idea. God knows I drink enough of these to do something creative with them! Thanks for sharing this and I'll have to post if I end up making any.

I'm feeling this post today. The Santa Anna winds have picked up here in So Cal, which tells me one thing, it's fall. I actually like the fall time with the beautiful change of colors and cooler weather. 

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  1. how cool that you have my bud vases featured here :) thank you, thank you alice!

  2. Even with all that you have experienced, you are still here and you still have hope. Inspiring. Stopping by from Five Minute Friday.

  3. You are beautiful and an inspiration to all women!
    Stopping by from the "Fun Friday" blog hop. Following you on G+, Twitter, and Facebook.
    Have a great week ahead!
    Bismah @
    Simple Mama