Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sushi Dinner at Home

Sunday - 9.15.2013

I love sushi! I started eating it about age 8. My dad had a spot he favored and although my mom can't stand fish, we went often. I already knew I liked fish by this point and I was an adventurous kid.. So when my dad dared me to try a piece, he didn't count on me liking it and having to buy it for me. 

My passion for it only grew and I wanted to try it all! I'm pretty sure liking sushi was a prerequisite for my marriage mate, ok maybe not, but I'm pretty content in the fact my hubby loves it too.

A few months ago my hubby blew me out of the water with this sweet little surprise.

He sought out a fresh fish mart and drove 30 minutes to picked up a few fillets of our favorite fish. Than he picked up sticky rice, came home, sliced up all the fish and prepared everything beautifully for our in-home sushi dinner date.

Candles and chopsticks, what could be more romantic! It was amazing. The fish was perfect! He had bought all the yummy sauces I like and even a Japanese beer.

Really how could I not love this man?

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