Thursday, September 19, 2013

Homework Rewards

Thursday - 9.19.13

Homework... Ugh! Just as terrible for the parents as it is for the kids, of course, you can't tell a kid that. Making sure my son does his homework in the past has been nothing less then a small civil war but this year I have a plan of attack. I really don't know why it took me so long to come up with a reward plan but I heard a mom in the store talking about it, so I decided to implement my own.

Here's the plan:

  • Punch Card 
  • Punch Card
    • Every test that comes home with an A on it, gets a punch. 5 punches = 1 drink at Dr. Conkey's (A coffee, smoothie and candy shop near us.) 
    • Big test with A on them (likes finals and exams) get a bonus punch. 1 bonus punch = candy at Dr. Conkey's
  • Homework 
    • All homework completed for the week = going to Skatelab (a skateboarding park) or 3 hours video game time over the weekend
    • I have to sign every day of his agenda book after checking over the the work he did that day.
    • On Friday's his teacher sends home a homework logs for work not completed, that has to be signed and returned on Monday or they lose their recess. Completed homework = no log. 
  • Honors Roll & Principle List
    • Honors Roll all 4 quarters = Hurricane Harbor with 5 buddies
    • Principle List at least twice = iPod touch
I know he's capable of good grades, he's an extremely smart kid. He's in 6th grade reading at a 12 grade level! He just gets bored and having ADD doesn't help. I'm hoping having special little treats to work towards will keep him on track. He's feeling pretty good about it too. See what he had to say on his blog.

i found this picture and thought it was hilarious!

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