Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Fave #30

Friday - 8.23.2013

Good morning adventurers! So glad you are joining me on this beautiful day! It's sunny and hot already here in Cali! I got to hang out with the White Rabbit this week. It was so nice to have lunch and go get mani/pedi's together, even if we did have 3 of the kids with us. Yes being mom's doesn't stop us two life long buddies from doing fun things. Well, I'm keeping it short in sweet this week because I'm off to spend the day with my chicklets and have lunch with the long lost Cheshire Cat.

I know you guys are going to get tired of hearing about Empower Network, but EVERY blogger needs to sign up with them if you want to learn how to successfully make money blogging. I have been applying what I'm learning not just in my blogging life, but in every aspect of my life and I can feel the positive energy in world sky rocketing! This is worth it, if you want to be happy, successful and a better over all person and blogger! Here's a blog post I wrote over on about them and another one I wrote on the platform they provide, about mindset.

I'm getting back in the swing of things and I have decided to sign up to promote one giveaway a day, so check out what I've got going on here: giveaways and blogger opps. Make sure you subscribe to the right news feed to receive weekly updates, sign up for 1 or all 3:

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I linked up with Lisa-Jo Barker for 5 Minute Friday. For this one she gives you a topic and you have to write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. So this weeks topic is...


Doesn't it seem like there is always one last thing you have to do before... It never fails, I'm always trying to finish one last blog post, one last HTML code, one last... by the time I actually finish that one last thing, three hours have gone by and I haven't actually finished, I just got side tracked and forgot. And by the time I realize it, the hubby is sleeping and I can barely keep my eye open. Kind of like tonight and last night and the night before that. Will that one last thing ever be finished?

I need to stick to a plan of action, that way there are no more one last, side track, completely of the track things to do! I just do the things I set ouut to do in the time frame I've allowed for it and that it. No more one last thing, alas that would be a perfect world and we are far from living in one.

This is a pretty funny post! Men are big babies when it comes to being sick and why must everything be a competition?!?! Even being sick. I swear men would never survive if they had to carry the babies! Well go read all about this couples battle of the sickest!

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