Saturday, August 24, 2013

My kids crack me up!

Saturday - 8.24.2013

Since I've made this commitment to myself and secretly to my kids to be a better, calmer and more loving, attentive mom, I have been noticing how funny the can be. A few days ago I had the following conversation with them, that just cracked me up.

First with the March Hare.

He asked me if he can go to school early the next day. School starts at 8:15 am and they aren't allowed to be on campus before 7:45 am, which is also the time I allow him to leave the house. He rides his bike to school which takes exactly 1 minute from our house, literately I can hear the school bells ring from inside my house, that's how close we are to the school. 

Anyway he asked me if he can leave before 7:45 am and the conversation went something like this:

MH: Mom, can I leave early tomorrow for school?

Me: What on earth do you need to be at school that early for? 

MH: My principle asked me to be there early to help her with something. (I raise my eyebrow at him) No really, she asked me and a few other boys to come early.

Me: (I know my son to well and at this point I know this is not the complete truth) Why would she ask you to be on campus earlier than they allow students on campus? Why didn't she send home a note asking if you could come in early? 

MH: Please mom?!?

Me: No, I don't think you need to be there any earlier than you're already getting there. As it is that's a half hour before school starts. 

MH: What's the problem with getting there early?

Me: To much free, unsupervised time alone for you to get into trouble.

MH: (At this point he's pitching a fit) How do you know I'm going to get into trouble!?!

Me: You'll understand when your older.

The funniest part to this whole conversation was my mom was standing in the hallway listening and walked in laughing wickedly. She said she remembered telling me the same thing because I went to the same school. Great I'm turning into my mother!

Then later that night I had this little convo with the Dormouse:

She's sitting on my bed, I'm in the bathroom brushing my hair. Out of no where she say's "Mommy, tomorrow can I go snowboarding?"

I was a little thrown off, as she's only 3 3/4 and she's never even been to the snow. Sad I know! Oh and we are at the tomorrow and yesterday stage, yeah all her stories happened yesterday and everything she wants to do is happening tomorrow. Anyway, I respond with the usual "Sure hunny whatever you want."

Than she say's "Mommy can I use your snowboard?" 


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  1. Kids indeed are funny! The girls crack me up all the time. Enjoy the funny little ones!

  2. You will never know what comes out of their mouth! LOL