Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stop acting like a girl!

Thursday - 8.29.2013

When I was young my dad always told me I was the boy he always wanted, even though I have a younger brother. He would add, that our sex organs got switched at birth... again even though we are 3 year apart. The point is I acted more like a boy and my brother... well lets just say he picked up where I lack in femininity. Now that we are adults however, we have grown into our property sexes. 

My son reminds me of my brother. Even more now because we are one big unhappy family under one roof! I find myself constantly calling him by my brothers name. His voice, his mannerisms and his need to be annoying just get under my skin because I feel like I'm fighting with my little brother all over again.

With that, I feel like my son acts like a girl sometimes! He's 11 and we have hit the age that I like to refer to as "The Diva" years. If something doesn't go his way he throws a giant, 2 year old fit about it, even small, uncontrollable stuff. And such a big fit that I'm left there rolling my jaw up off the floor because I can't believe my eyes.

How did this happen? I'm not like that. I don't cry when I'm told no. Granted I do cry, but usually over being stressed out, not over being told no or because things don't go my way. So where on earth did he get this from??? Then I think back to my brother and it hits me. That's where he gets it, my brother! 

So my question is how do I stop it!!!! How do I teach him, other than what I doing which is ignoring the behavior, that he needs to act like a man about things? My husband is the epitome of manly and I just pray that 7 years of being raised by women can be over come by my husbands influence. If this is what teenage years have in store for me, I don't know that I'll last. 

I find that I just stare at my son with the most complex look on my face, when he starts cry (yes tears and all) and yelling "why me" when I tell him he can't play on my tablet that I use for work. Please lord let him grow out of this quickly! 

Please if anyone else is or has experienced this, what can I do about it? Am I the only one that feel like my son is on his period?

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