Thursday, August 22, 2013

Setting up my child for success!

Thursday - 8.22.2013

I'm so excited my son just started 6th grade on Monday. He's excited too! I know because aside from him coming home glowing and he also started blogging on Monday. So he wrote all about it! This blog is a project he and I are doing together. It seems to me that remembering what it was like to think like a kid some how fell out of my jam packed adult mind. Not to mention he is reaching the age where boys seem to stop talking. 

So I had this idea to have him start writing, for 30 minutes everyday. When first presented with the idea, he acted like it was going to be the end of the world, until I mentioned that any money the blog makes goes into a car fund for him when he's older. 

The best part was listening to him come up with the title of the page, which is The Misadventures of the March Hare. My hope is that he develops a love of writing and learns how to network and blog now, so when he's older he has a skill. Lots of construction workers take their kids to work and teach them their trade, I know because I'm a tile man's daughter. So this is my trade that I'm handing down to my kids. 

Already I have learned so much about my son in just the few post he's written. Tuesday he came home and I didn't have to ask him to write, he just did it. We designed the header together and when it was done, he looked at me, put an arm around me and said "Thanks mom, it looks really awesome." Yeah I think he's going to like this! So if you have pre teens and you would like to peer into the mind of one, follow our blog! Oh just a warning I don't edit spelling, grammar or punctuation, so just remember an 11 year writes it. 

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  1. This is such an awesome idea, Alice! I need to remember that once Lily and Violet are old enough! Great motivation for many good causes ;-)