Monday, August 12, 2013

Sleeping Together

Monday - 8.12.2013

It's said that the position a couple sleeps in says heeps about the depth of their relationship.  How comfortable they are in their marriage.  I tend to believe it. I'll explain. With  the Jabberywocky, I always had to fall asleep as close to him as possible,  because I was scared of what ultimately ended up happening, that he was cheating and I'd be alone... again. Here I was clinging for dear life ironically label in the photo "the pursuit."

Before that with the Bandersnatch, I was so utterly disgusted with that fact that he could fake being in love with me just to get to the money my late husband left me,  that sleeping with body parts practically hanging off the bed wasn't far enough away. So just like our marriage this one is labeled "the cliff hanger." But that's why they call them ex's and we'll move on.

With the Mad Hatter though, I'm relaxed, content and confident in our relationship.  So when we fall asleep we start off looking like two snow angels, fingers clasped and toes touching. That is until after a few minutes go by and I'm still laying there nearly wide awake because he's already snoring and my brain still hasn't turned off. Then I ever so lovingly shove him, he mumbles something about snoring and rolls onto me!

Now as much as I love spooning with the love of my life... when we're awake, I just can't sleep this way. For two reasons, one because someone breathing down my neck creeps me out and two because a lumberjack ain't got nothing on this saw mill snoring. So after a few minutes of having my lower half pressed against him and my ears being rumbled, I again grow restless and do the peel n push.

Now he's facing his wall and I'm facing mine, but here's the part I laugh about, some part of us still has to be touching! Whether it's our butts or feet, there still has to be that small connection that says "I love you, but I'm confident enough in our friendship, our love and our union, plus I just want to be comfortable, that we can sleep together but on top of each other and still have a good thing." Perfectly labeled "zen style."

Of course, this post came to me as I lay next to the better half of my feng shui while he serenades me with the song of his sleeping people and my own chi is taking its sweet time to dim!

So tell me, how do you and your love fall asleep?


  1. So funny! I lay awake too and my hubby snores till I shove him and we always are just touching not uncomfortably cradling each other! Visiting from the Tea Party http//

  2. It is about the same with us. We're spooning for a bit before rolling up on our respective sides. But I appreciate that he lets me stick my icy feet under his legs to be warmed ;-)